Since 1937 and the release of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, this melody is known by generations of children who one day watched a Disney cartoon. “One day my prince will come” is a staple of this enchanted universe and, until now, it was singing, most of the time, for female voices, more or less crystalline. In a promotional video posted on YouTube, Disneyland Paris wanted to make things happen, as the month of pride celebrations, which are particularly celebrated gay pride parades in the world, has come to an end.

In this new ad spot, it is now a man who shows the famous chorus of Snow White. A first for the multinational and a way for the amusement park to celebrate the LGBTI community while he has not been able to because of a pandemic, organize the second edition of its “Magical Pride” during the month of pride. This spot was aired for the first time last June 26, and depicts an aerial view of the castle of the sleeping beauty, as the amusement park prepares to reopen its doors and once again welcome visitors from July 15, next.

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As highlighted in the magazine TĂȘtu, the attempts of Disney, in recent years, to include more characters LGBTI in their productions are not always obvious, for fear to see the banning of certain wholesale markets, such as China. In the movie before, released in France ten days before the start of the containment, the Pixar studios, a subsidiary of the american giant, were set for the first time in the scene, a secondary character openly lesbian : the officer Specter, interpreted by the american actress Lena Whaite. But his appearance on screen is brief. And in the same way, the kiss lesbian the last episode of the Star Wars saga, ” The Ascent of Skywalker “, was holding in two seconds at the very end of the film. So much so that, for many, it was even passed completely unnoticed.

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