the Footballer David Boysen with a past, among others, in Lyngby and Brøndby fell earlier in the autumn on with heart in the middle of a league match in the best israeli superliga.

The 28-year-old winger, who is acting for bundholdet Nes Tziona, tells to the Advice that the problems occurred in a match against Bnei Yehuda.

Boysen had prior to the incident is not played full-time for more than a year, and it was according to him the reason that he fell on towards the end of the purge.

“I could not breathe, and of course that was an incredibly scary experience.”

“as Fate would have it, that my family was inside and watch the battle, and they were obviously very scared, as I was driven away in the ambulance, but all went luckily well,” says David Boysen for

Kantspilleren explains that he suffers from what he calls an accelerating heart. This means that the pulse may rise, if he is in a difficult period.

“It was what happened when I fell, and it continued to beat rapidly in a half hour, even if I just sat quietly on a chair,” says Boysen

He says that the employer is still a little “scared” on his behalf, but it is not he himself.

David Boysen has on several occasions played for Lyngby. In 2016 he was affiliated with Brøndby.

in Addition, he has played in clubs such as AB, Viborg, Dutch Roda and most recently he has been in Sweden and perform for Elfsborg and Helsingborg IF.