Are you active on Instagram, asking people about everything between heaven and earth. Without great limitations.

It has the Danish OLYMPIC hopes in the dressage Cathrine Dufour had to be true.

Together with her friend Rasmine Laudrup has she recently started a more dedicated cooperation, and it means that the two spend much time together.

Both are very eager to share their experiences and daily lives on Instagram, but it has meant that Cathrine Dufour in his inbox have a question, there exists more often than any other: ‘Are you and Rasmine Laudrup became lovers?’

Cathrine Dufour is for girls, and Rasmine Laudrup has recently become single, so in a way by Cathrine Dufour, well, why the issue comes.

“When you are gone from his girlfriend, then it’s probably just very natural for many to believe, that when you are friends with one, then you are the same. So it is just a part of it, when I share out of my life on Instagram. It is a downside, but I see nothing negative in it,” she says to B. T.

But people are apparently to believe that you are a couple?

“Yes, but it is after all, a little, when you have been boyfriend with a girl, so it’s hard just to be friends-like.”

And she has always been in a relationship with guys…

“Exactly. So we have just had a little fun with it,” says Cathrine Dufour.

Rasmine Laudrup, who is springrytter, has recently hired a staldafsnit in Catherine Dufours shed in Roskilde, where they have teamed up as partners on some horses together.

Cathrine Dufour predicts that her friend goes for a big future in the meeting of his branch of the equestrian sport.

“I think really highly of her talent. She jumps crazy good, and she really needed to have some good horses, as she could come forth in the world. We try to buy some young stars, like I myself have done, so that she can train on them quietly,” says Catherine Dufour, as she on Wednesday was to a large OLYMPICS-press conference at the Experimentarium.

And then it could be that it was Rasmine Laudrups trip, when the OLYMPICS hit Paris in 2024.

“It would be fun to see her get to the OLYMPICS in 2024. I think mega much on her talent, so it’s all about finding the right horse for her and get some experience in her. I already have a lot of experience from international top level, where she has made herself very much with the younger talent (horses, red.), has trained and sold them, which I hope she can be enticed to hold on to some of them that are really good, so she can promote itself at this level,” says Cathrine Dufour on her friend, who is Brian Laudrups daughter.

Rasmine Laudrup is not returned on the B. T. s approached.