Stadtwerke Dachau wanted to make this year’s family-season to fail. However, because the city councils were not cooperating.

Dachau – The swimmer’s pool is not yet finished, the right intake system not found and in General the implementation of the Corona-hygiene requirements would cost a lot of money: For Stadtwerke Dachau reasons enough to make this year’s family-season fail. After a heated debate in the working Committee, there will be now, but at least a partial Opening.

With the artisans, it is a cross: In the autumn, reported Stadtwerke-authorized signatory Christian Stangl, was given to the rehabilitation of swimmers and nonswimmers in the family pool in order to a company with which you have made in the indoor swimming pool “super experience”. But then the Winter, then Corona, and finally, it should also still come off “of the concreting machine came first”. Also in the case of the construction company, the enthusiasm was “moderate”, all in all, the site went “slow ahead” and at the end of the Work had been done in the basin especially on the float is also sloppy. At the end, so Stangl was the completion date 1. To keep up June. “The bathroom was not finished, and the bathroom is not finished.”

But not only the duration of the construction site float pool led the municipal leaders on Tuesday, the city councils in the work of the Committee to propose to this year’s family-season fail. Also the hygiene requirements of the state government were not practically to be fulfilled. “Tedious” would you roll currently “through paragraphs to learn how many people are allowed in a swimming pool”. How should taxes in addition to the visitors? A so-called Timeslot method, in which the visitors can book a visit to period of time, create a “visitor contact traffic” in the entrance area. Also was unclear how to proceed because “with those who want to stay longer than you booked. Should we throw this out?“

A “car Park control” appears the city works, however, a workable solution: Here, the visitors would be counted in both directions on a continuous basis, via the Internet could inform bathers then, whether the maximum number of visitors of 1300 was reached. But even here there are problems: When the snake “to the Ludwig-Dill-road goes, we need to check whether the people all the mouth-nose protection – in the case of a population, the Corona has been completed! Then we can organize a folk festival!“

And then there is also “the subject in the bathroom”. On the lawns of the minimum distance would be observed and paths to and from the pool defined. “Then to the baths of specialist employees with the whistle by the water’s edge and control them?!”, Stangl talked himself into a Rage. And he repeated: “There is a percentage of the population that is not ready, the Corona-rules to participate.”

As a compromise, he offered to open instead of a swimming pool opening at the end of August, the indoor swimming pool. There is the expectation of the visitors is different: “The do not want to spend the day in the Green” and the “non-existing garden to compensate”. The visit to the lake is also recommended, because the guests were not there, “concluded spatially so”.

The councillors did not want to follow Stangls versions but. Bathrooms speaker Ingrid Sedlbauer (IIB) found it “very disappointing that the government gives the Green light for free baths, and the town of Dachau can’t go along with it”. Norbert Winter (CSU) complained, “is that we don’t always hear only what is going on”, and asked Stangl: “Have you ever thought, what is going on?” Markus Erhorn (Free voters) was convinced that the “Dachauer responsibility and go to the bathroom”. At all it is to him dear, if the “dachauer children go with us to the family bathroom, where we have Security keep an eye on it”.

At the end of the decision that the public utilities of the float basin, the bath – exclusive-site – open. And as soon as possible. The visitors wanted to know, so held public utility authorized signatory Stangl at the end, should be aware, however, that “this is not a vacation visit. We are talking here of a pool operating under pandemic conditions“! Gertrud Schmidt-Podolsky (CSU) nodded calmly: “we know That.”