again and again it comes in the form of Hiking, a serious accident, rarely by cows. But how I behave on walks right?

Update from 15. June 2020, 10.17 p.m. : a Kuhangriff on German hikers in Tirol is a four-year-old had to be rushed to a clinic, how reported.

Update from 23. January 2020, 10:02: Currently, will come looking for in the Bavarian town of Landshut, a cow that is so aggressive that the police warns the population against the animal to get Close to, such as* reported.

Update from the 9. December 2019, 18.54 at: is A farmer in a clinic, because it had attacked a cow. He wanted to help the animals.

hikers of cows

Usually leads to carelessness or lack of knowledge in the mountains and the nature in serious accidents. Again and again, walkers of cows are attacked. However, it is very easy to avoid.

Who is preparing for his hike correctly, the can recent tragic events , and far, far less serious accidents can be avoided.

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encounters with cows while Hiking: The most important tips

The animal protection organization Peta released the most important tips , you should keep in mind when in terms of cows . So attacks by the animals avoided as far as possible:

do not keep Sufficient distance to the cows : Climb over fences in grazing areas and do not leave the marked trail. the dogs of grazing areas remote : With dogs, you should not hike in the vicinity of cows. Put a leash on him at critical Points as a precaution. Please note: if you attack a cow, you and your dog, release the dog. He is faster, and the cow will run pretty sure of it. In the meantime, you have time to look into the Distance. the body language : do not Look the cow in the eyes. the do Not feed, not strong> pet </: the lining can lead to envy and thus to aggression in the animals. the keep calm : in the vicinity of cows, no hectic movements and pay attention to the noise level. If the animals are startled, the instinct to Flee. There is no way to escape, it may be that the cow is transferred to the attack. the take special care with Young and mother animals : calves, you should attract, or touch, mother cows should not be harassed. Cows protect their young – if necessary also with an attack. the alarm signs point : “Not every cow is interested in the Wanderer or the path crosses, is equal to launch an attack,” reads the Peta-Portal. “Lowers the animal, however, the head is fixed to the stroller, pawing with the front hooves and snorts, then extreme caution.” The beef feel with a high probability of disturbed and could proceed to the attack. the attack : not on the floor or frantically run away. You don’t have to turn the animal back, make yourself as large as possible, and you go slowly backwards. Others to your behaviour to make : Should you hikers to observe the behavior obviously wrong to the animals, to make them aware of it. . the Exactly observe : you should check from a distance how the animals behave.


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