The Wanderlust has grabbed me. Get out of the big city and to the beach, this is it. Or simply in a bigger city than Berlin? New York, Rio, Tokyo? Oh, I can’t decide. And: Unfortunately, this is not the travel is just so easy. Stupid. And now? Super Idea: Countries Sex! Then my Bikini area gets at least again from the Feeling of an exotic feel.

This is, of course, nonsense. For a active Booty Call, I’m much too lazy, and Rumturnen the Motivation I lack. But I needed an introduction for today’s topic, and I found it not so wrong!

I explain to you this time about countries, Sex, tell them what’s up with “Russian” and “English”, and why “German Sex” is not so piefig how he comes at first sight, therefore. This, however, only in part two of my designs. In today’s first part, we dedicate ourselves to our European neighbours.


of course, you know. Whether French Kiss and oral, French is always wet, and with a tongue. Lecki. Whether on the female Genital or male, or in synchronism, in the 69 position – you know how it goes. If not, you can read here all Lickjob and here is a Guide to the 69.


It will be warmer. And close. Because Greek Sex means nothing more than anal intercourse. Supposedly, the name is based on the Homo-erotic Connections between men in ancient Greece.

How does anal intercourse technically, I have to tell you at this point. But let me today is still a word to lose: the last time the Fixation of many men to anal Entertainment is in my friends circle many times. Not because we were that bad. But because of so many Amateur Player arrives at the first Tinder Date with the demand for Sex through the back door. Pfft. As if.

Believe me, if your Date lands on the first evening with you in bed, you must have done something right. You don’t mess up this fragile Agreement by you to be too fast, too cocky. If it is, then, to the extent and for the lady anal willingness, you should also not equal to … uh … keep clean, but start easy. For example, with a “Greek Massage”, when the Po is kneaded properly and is stimulated. How to do it, then? Decide Your Date. (Here’s more to erotic massages)


Others, though not very common names for breast or Mammalsex are – where the Latin word “Mammal” for mammals. This is not suckled, but pressed. When the Spanish transport the man stuck his cock between the Breasts of the lady, rubs or pushes.

Not only the Close of squashed cleavage is likely to be in this case hot, but the sight of the woman who selflessly her Boobs so that HE can have a nice Park in-between. I imagine that to be the case.

tip: a Lot, a lot of lube or Oil to use for even more pleasure.


you won’t believe how many men have confessed to me, in this sexual play to leave. Crazy! The term “Italian” is in today’s context, for Achselhöhlensex. The Penis between the armpit and the Arm sunk in and tidy it up rubbed – sexy time. Really, don’t laugh. As I had some years ago, a pronounced Sex-Date-in Phase, every second man into “Italian”. As reasons for the exotic preference, you gave me so far, by the way, among other things, that this area of the body is insanely intimate, and for many a taboo. And that sweaty armpits are coming because of the Close, moisture and the smell is extremely erotic and therefore. Whether shaved or bushy taste thing.

I don’t understand it really, but if it makes the man happy, why? Hurts, Yes, no.

you don’t have enough and now want to know what lies behind Albanian, Russian, or Swedish Sex? I’ll tell you in part 2 of this countries Sex column.

Ciao and hasta luego. À la prochaine!

Mimi Sex columnist for GQ, and is Erhardt. Here you can learn more about the author.

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