shed of animals as possible Carriers of the Coronavirus. China is now apparently in the Corona of a pandemic and to protect the wild animals.

Coronavirus pandemic *: Pangolins be considered as possible Vector of Corona . Especially in China the black market is flourishing with wildlife in the traditional medicine. The authorities prohibit the trade of endangered species now – for the protection of the people in front of the pathogens Sars-CoV-2 *.

Munich – A question accompanied the Coronavirus pandemic * since the beginning: where does the novel lung disease Covid-19 ? In the global Corona-crisis there is still no authoritative answer.

Corona: Pangolins are States Vectors of the pathogen, Sars-CoV-2 to be

A theory that Corona from the animal world comes. And in a market in the Chinese city of Wuhan broke out on the there are also wild animals.

Specifically, The endangered Pangolins , the pine cone-shaped appearance and said shed have to Vectors of the pathogen Sars-CoV-2 be.

wild animals: Dangerous pathogen is the Coronavirus?

scientists believe that there are much more and more dangerous pathogens from the animal world as the Coronavirus*, which could be transmitted to humans. to prevent

“To such pandemics in the future, is the ultimate lesson we learn from this pandemic is that people need to curb their confrontation with the wild animal world”, for example, said Edward Holmes, an evolutionary virologist at the University of Sydney, the MDR.

China , which could be considered suspect as the origin of the Coronavirus pandemic , now responds rigorously. How reported, first increasing the state forestry administration of the protection status of pangolins – and, finally, the authorities painted the shed of the list of traditional Chinese medicine.

shed of animals as a Corona-Vectors? China engages rigorously by

to help The shed apply in Asia as a remedy, according to the report, patients with Malaria-fever, deafness, or nervous diseases. The science of doubt this strongly, it means more.

+ November 2017: employees of the authorities and the local animal welfare organization Save Vietnam’s Wildlife to prevent the Schmuggen of 114 in the trunk of a car squeezed Pangolins to China.┬ędpa

Further, the meat of pangolins in Vietnam and China as a delicacy. However, this should now be final. The decision would be “99 percent,” with Corona , said Maria Diekmann of the “Foundation for rare and threatened animals” of the AFP.

Serves China as a role model? As the SZ writes, is Germany is one of the main markets for wild animals from all over the world – including potential pathogens, such as Sars-CoV-2 .


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