in the Munich-based meat farms, there are now Coronavirus infections. In the premises immediately series of tests were carried out. Exact numbers are not yet available.

Munich has two large slaughter houses , respectively, for cattle and pigs. Now, infected staff with Sars-CoV-2* . In the premises immediately have carried out Series of tests . Many more News from Munich, there are in our App. How the Download works.

Munich – The Munich slaughterhouse, two employees of the pig slaughter have been tested positive for the Corona-Virus* . The Department of health and environment (RGU) . The affected employees were immediately in-home quarantine* sent, the same is true for contact persons.

the Final Numbers will be made known to the unit yet. The Test is not yet complete all. Health officer Stephanie Jacobs said on Monday: “States such as in North Rhine-Westphalia we can exclude in Munich, however.”

Coronavirus-Alarm in Munich: 101 test in cattle slaughter

Among other things, were on 9. May in a slaughterhouse of Western meat in Coesfeld 196 employees in a positive way has been tested. The state government had then all the employees of slaughterhouses in NRW on the Coronavirus test. Bayern moved.

The Bavarian state Ministry for health and care (StMGP) also ordered for Bavarian companies Number of tests* of the staff. The RGU did the staff of the two large Slaughterhouses.

In Munich the beef slaughter and pig slaughter two large farms. In the case of bovine slaughter, 101 tests were carried out, which were all of the negative . 23 further, employees should not be tested, since they were the first Time present.

Corona infections in Munich slaughterhouse: an establishment to go further

In the case of the pig slaughter 69 test were, two of them were positive. However, they had shown no symptoms . “These persons have their residence in the countryside, where they are isolated and their contact persons of the local health authorities care for,” said a spokeswoman for the Department.

For Infected is, to the extent that no inpatient treatment is required, a Isolation* to arrange. Contact persons in category 1 are, in principle, take for 14 days after the last contact with the sick Person in quarantine. And: The battle of operation continue to go on as usual.

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