A Chinese study has confirmed the evidence on the persistence of the Coronavirus as recover existing patients.

so Far, it is still unclear whether and for how long as applicable Covid recover-19-patients are contagious. the Chinese Doctors confirmed in a first study, evidence for a remain of the Virus in convalescent patients. The study was carried out with 60 patients , which have been Corona-infection. Here you will find the basic facts to the Coronavirus* and the Corona-News from Germany. In addition, we will give you a map of the current case,* pay offer in Germany. Currently there are the following recommendations to the Corona-protection measures*.

Changsha – so Far there was only speculation about the dwell time of the pathogen, SARS-CoV-2* in the body of the former Infected , now confirmed by Chinese Doctors the instructions on the persistence of the Virus when already convalescent patients. It was suggested the study by the case of two Covid-19-patients , recorded after her release from a hospital in the city of Loudi immediately and were once again tested positive for on the Coronavirus*. The doctors newspaper reported.

Coronavirus in Convalescent undetectable? Chinese study confirms evidence on persistence

the Doctors investigated 58 recover redundant patients on the viral RNA, and were in fact, in eight of the patients find. One of the patients studied, the dismissal had already taken place 24 days . The convalescent patients had been discharged from the hospital, as no symptoms or radiology findings templates. In addition, they were tested twice by PCR-diagnostic* negative for the Virus. The Doctors conclude that the patients in the study at home re-infected, since you should isolate and there were in the area only a few cases of infection.

ten of the 60 persons studied with a positive PCR (Polymerase chain reaction)* five had a positive swab of the nasopharynx in six of a anal was smear positive. In one patient, the Virus could be in two swabs of evidence. Eight of the patients in the study showed no symptoms when you re virus detection, two patients aged over 70 and comorbidity complained of cough.

Coronavirus in Convalescent undetectable? Chinese study confirms evidence on persistence

In the case of a positive tested patients who were after his recovery, Plasma donated , the Doctors who had carried out the donation, subsequently in quarantine* sent. They had, seems to have borne no adequate protective clothing. However, there was a short time later the all-clear: The Physicians were all PCR-negative*.

Junru Wu and his study’s authors from the University in Changsha, throb now, in the light of the findings of the fact, to change this habit, and prior to the acceptance of the Plasma, the usual protective equipment to create. Whether the results of the study will have consequences for the handling, as recovered referred patients are not able to answer the Doctors yet. Larger studies are now needed to investigate whether the detected viruses are infective . The Doctors Junru Wu were able to demonstrate in the stool samples of no infectious virus .


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