The number of new infections is declining. Relaxations are the result. The people can breathe a sigh of relief. But not all. There are economic Corona-loser. Among the biggest: the pub hosts. One of them has now abandoned: Klaus Fiedler. His future is uncertain.

Dachau – After agonizing weeks of waiting, when he can finally re-open its pub, set by Klaus Fiedler last weekend on his PC and an E-Mail to the Bavarian father written. The 54-year-old dachauer restaurateur writes that he felt from the “dear Mr Prime Minister Söder””, to put it mildly” on the Arm. The Lord Prime Minister and his supporters in the ministries would hold off on the pub owner, said Fiedler. And because it’s “not even a forecast due to a re-opening”, he now – after almost 13 years – his “small, quaint pub in Dachau, give up”.

Fiedler’s Situation is the following: The small, quaint pub is the Feierbar in the peace road. Interior of 35 square meters in size, to the beer garden with about 36 square meters. On the outside he is allowed to since 18. May operate, not inside, because the Feierbar not a dining venue.

remember: In Restaurants is allowed for 25. May again be eaten. From the operation of the garden alone, Fiedler can’t live but. “This is not a handle,” he noted. The Minister of economic Affairs, Hubert Aiwanger in his legendary press conference described a 15-Meter-long buddy tables in the Feierbar in vain. All in all, twelve “buddies” could he provide due to the distance rules, so Fiedler. Too little to be profitable, especially since his Munich brewery since the June re-lease after having waived those in April and may, yet generous manner. The Corona-emergency assistance-a grant in the amount of 9000 Euro, not helped Fiedler out of the crisis, the money had long since been consumed.

“Thus, a host can, one, two, three months to bridge – not longer,” says Ursula Zimmermann, managing Director of the Association for the preservation of the Bavarian economy of culture. Further government measures, such as the end of may decision to reduce the VAT rate in the period from 1. July to 30. June 2021 for prepared foods in Restaurants and pubs from 19 to 7 per cent go to the pubs, so a carpenter. Whether the on Wednesday evening, the Federal government adopted a General reduction in the rate from 19 to 16 percent and the reduced rate, for example, on food from 7% to 5 have from July until the end of the year to have a positive effect on the consumption or income of the owners remains to be seen.

Speaking of prepared food: Smart ale-Draper came up with the idea to want your Boazn with the Proffer of Sausages in the dining-local transform. Not so Klaus Fiedler. “The idea I had,” he says, but after a phone call to the office, it was clear for him: “I only have a licence for a pub. And something semi-Illegal to make, I don’t like it!“

There is, according to Ursula Zimmermann is still a reality, the power to create the pub hosts: the attitude of the people. “People don’t want to come in. You are very careful,“ says Ursula Zimmermann. The for many guests, the unpleasant mask of duty.

The Worry of Klaus Fiedler, Matthias Schilcher, operates in Dachau is currently closed Roxibar shares. He sees a real risk that it could come just in the pubs close to the recurrence of infections. Schilcher says only: “Ischgl!” A second wave of “did that really hurt,” said Schilcher. However, he is also interested in the Roxi like to again unlocking. However, without limitations: “The Roxi with part throttle driving makes no sense and no fun.”

How to do it for Klaus Fiedler now, he does not know. The father of two, lives in Karl field, operating his Feierbar career out of it. “I still have no plans,” said the host, “I must stop the life of my reserves.” And he will miss his guests. “I had been treacherous to 99.9 percent of the regular audience,” he said. People who he knew for 30 years and even longer.

Ursula Zimmermann puts it: “The situation is very, very difficult!” And as the state government to consider, “are we Bayern probably be the Last in Germany to open the bars again”.

free state of his powers to irritate at the expense of the rights of citizens

As the caterers would not be buffeted in the corona of a crisis because of the bans and regulations already enough, you can also serve as a Prime example of how perfidious the state is able to unfold all his powers due to the infection protection act. Beer gardens were allowed to from the age of 18. May Restaurants open, from 25. May, in each case on Mondays so. The extension of the outdoor area, opening Hours from 20 to 22 clock should be 2 according to the Plan of the state government. Of June, the Tuesday after Pentecost. Why the Allowances were made despite a decline in infection numbers before the local owner of a lucrative week-ends or in front of the Whitsun holidays? Sure Söder and co. act – at the expense of citizens ‘ rights, even (!) due to the very good poll numbers since the Corona is so restrictive. As an Augsburg restaurant owner in court was that beer gardens be allowed to remain in the Fugger city on the Thursday before Pentecost until 22 o’clock opened, expanded by the government of the day after that, and after long deliberations, the Opening to the whole of Bavaria. Sealing the interiors of the pubs and Bars must remain for the time being. Prime Minister Markus Söder doesn’t see the distance-to-rules threatened, “if you drink only diet coke”, as he said he to one of his numerous press conferences. It is to be feared that, in the case of pubs, the courts have to play in the opener.