In the fight against the Coronavirus launches the long-planned state Corona-App for Smartphones. Other countries that are more advanced.

Not only in USA there are Corona*Apps. Also Iceland, Italy, the UK, Spain and Australia have access to the Warn-App . How far these countries are?

Germany – Many countries hope to achieve the effect of Corona Apps . If it was up to the EU Commission, should help the Apps when traveling in times of pandemic. The consumer centres of the Federal States show in this question, however, is skeptical: While the Tracing of the “Corona-Warning-functioning App” abroad, it says on their Website: Smartphones could replace the Bluetooth signals there as well. A warning in case of contact with an infected Person in this case is not possible, because this is working so far, only national.

Corona Apps in Germany and Switzerland should be Planned to be compatible

that at least the distributed Corona Apps , as in Germany or Switzerland compatible with each other. However, the communication with an App with a Central approach, such as the “Stop Covid”App would not work in France “rather be”. It is recommended that: “anyone Who travels abroad, you can download the unauthorized App in the respective country and use it.”

Corona App in Iceland

Island : Since April, the Corona App “Rakning-Covid-19 is” in circulation and around 40 per cent of over 350 000 Icelanders to use. You followed by location technology GPS, where persons have resided, and whether contact with Infected stock. According to reports, the Use of the App, however, is low: The GPS data are not as accurate as the Bluetooth technology. The App is now, however, the chief epidemiologists Thorolfur Gudnason, according to tourist tips and together with a Corona-Test, the two-week quarantine at the port of entry to replace.

Corona App in Italy

Italy : Already over two million Downloads is one of the Italian Corona App “Immuni”App for almost two weeks. The functions are not enabled country-wide, which should happen in the course of this month. As in Germany, the source code of the App is openly available and is based on the contact trace via Bluetooth. The storage of data is decentralized. The App asks for no personal data and, for holiday-makers is particularly important, among other things, on German support.

Corona App in the UK

UK : The British Corona App will continue to be tested and has problems to contend with. Unlike in Germany, not here yet on the technical specifications of Google and Apple for a decentralized System. The BBC reported that in the for weeks, running Test on the in the South of England Isle of Wight last week, a second Version in operation was gone. Because of the only gangs there are, however, problems with Apple devices. That’s why am thinking of the System entirely on the decentralized approach – which is likely to lead to further delays.

Corona App in Spain

Spain: so Far a little encouragement, the Corona-Warning App in Spain, since April available to find. Offered in cooperation between the government and the company Telefónica offers in case of suspicion, self-assessment tests to symptoms and contact details of the competent Authorities. However, the user must specify the identity number of your passport, your full name and your address. Contacts of the Infected are tested via Bluetooth. In the case of the application once the GPS has to be permission granted. Data to infections to remain for a maximum of two months stored in a decentralised manner.

Corona App in Australia

Australia : 6.2 million Australians and Australians, around a quarter of the population, should have the by the government with great hope at the end of April, launched Corona App “COVIDSafe” installed. So far, the Australian television reported ABC, was identified with the help of the application, however, no infection had not become a conventional way known. Authorities explain this with the relatively low Corona Numbers: The Johns Hopkins University listed for Australia so far, the only well-7300-known contagions. (Clara Gehrunger, Jacob Maurer)

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