In an Interview has spoken to German Chancellor Angela Merkel for the first time on the European handling of the Corona pandemic. Via Video, she warns the citizens of Germany.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has spoken. She talked about the European handling with the Corona-pandemic* and role of Europe in the world. Via video message, she warns Germany ahead of a second wave.

Berlin, Chancellor Angela Merkel has, for the first time since the Corona-pandemic an Interview. With the süddeutsche Zeitung, the Chancellor spoke about the European handling of the crisis, the management of populism and nationalism and on the role of Europe in between other international powers .

+ “Europe is still not sufficiently resistant to the crisis,” said Merkel.©Reuters / Hannibal Hanschke

with regard to the ongoing Corona-crisis , the led according to Merkel, especially Italy and Spain, “economically, medically, and because of the many deaths*, of course, also emotionally” strong charge, the Chancellor, that Europe must rely on each other. The last of the challenges – “the international financial crisis, the Euro turmoil and the refugee question” and also to the new Situation by the Corona Virus showed that “Europe is not yet sufficiently resistant to the crisis ,” said Angela Merkel in the SZ-Interview.

Coronavirus/Angela Merkel: German Chancellor calls for solidarity in Europe

On the question of whether the future of the European Union is threatened by other challenges, such as climate change and digitalisation, pointed question to the Chancellor of the existence and said: “I am counting on that the member States have in such a exceptional Situation a high degree of interest in similarities .“

+ Angela Merkel and Emmanuel Macron put together for “an exceptional act of solidarity.”©Reuters / Frederic Scheiber

The enforcement of common interests plans to Merkel to allow using an European Fund for the worst-affected countries. “The resources from the Fund are used to, that we help, that we are solidarity and see that the countries are differently affected by the pandemic,” describes the Chancellor of your project. The support of other EU member States, Angela Merkel proposed together with the French President, Emmanuel Macron, called the Chancellor as “an extraordinary act of solidarity”.

Corona building Fund: Merkel draws grants loans before

While Merkel spoke for grants and loans from : “For countries that have debt, a very high total, additional credits have less value than grants. I’m working to convince the countries, which so far credits to agree, but the subsidies decline.“

with respect to the u-turn by the German savings program , in a black was sought, said Merkel: “Germany had a low debt rate and in this exceptional Situation a higher level of debt.” Of positive European developments Germany, too, benefited.

European stability mechanism, which could be exploited by Italy, Merkel said that the country will decide for the self. “We have created the instruments – through the EIB , the ESM on the use of precautionary credit lines, or by short-time working scheme, SURA . These tools anyone can use. We don’t have available in order to remain unused , “ the Chancellor said in an Interview.

Merkel sees in China a challenge for the liberal democracies

Based on a ußereuropäische relations Merkel spoke, that China to a large economy is ascended. Just from the example of China that is also a non-democratic state can be economically successful, call the liberal democracies very.

Although there were common interests, such as in the cooperation in the area of climate protection, however, Merkel argued: “We should develop a policy that reflects our interests and values , for the adherence to the human rights , the rule of law and our Worries about the future Hong Kong between China and us and are clearly identified.“ A strong common European Encounter is important in dealing with China.

Donald Trump wants to pull troops out of Germany: A threat to Angela Merkel?

Donald Trump* had announced American troops from Germany to be deducted. On the question of whether or not the Chancellor understand this as a threat, she replied that us troops Germany. “We believe that the Alliance is for each member state, a great value ,” said Merkel. The government is aware of the fact that more spent on defense should be.

it had to be held At the NATO given the current situation in the world. If the United States should remove power from the role of world, whether it be for Europe important “very basically, think,” said Angela Merkel.

Corona in Germany: Merkel warns against recklessness

In her weekly video message on Saturday, German Chancellor Angela Merkel has warned the citizens in view of the further existing dangers by the Coronavirus in front of reckless behavior. “The Virus threat is still serious,” she said. Merkel again your appeal sought explicitly from the beginning of the crisis in mid-March: “Take it seriously because it is serious.”

“We’ll forget it easily, because Germany is currently reasonably well through the crisis , but this does not mean that we would be protected, the forearmed would be” stressed the Chancellor now. “The fact that this is not so, show the currently rapidly expanding regional outbreaks .”

If it is about the spread of the Virus to contain, in addition to the policy, the measures*, has continued to take all of the citizen asked. “We all need to understand it more as our community felt a commitment that each Individual will have all of our fate in the Hand, by sticking to the rules: minimum distance, mouth-nose protection* in the public room and wash your hands.”

recently showed up in Munich a poster of German Chancellor Angela Merkel, the questions called for. It will probably be removed again soon. (lb) * is part of the Ippen-Digital network.

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