Can persuade Angela Merkel to an extension of their term of office? It a fifth Time? Much has been recently speculated. Now the Chancellor has made a clean sweep. Nevertheless, the succession will have to be aspirants for a little bit longer wait. A comment by mercury editor-in-chief George Anastasiadis.

The Germans have made with their Chancellor in 15 years, through a lot. After the world financial crisis, the Euro rescue, the nuclear phase-out, the culture of welcome and, most recently, the virus crisis came. So many emotional UPS and Downs have experienced, the citizens, Angela Merkel, was eventually to “mom”, and that was (mostly) quite respectable meant full. Never this write-up more appropriate than now, at the end of their reign, as the strict country mother warns her people against carelessness in the face of the Virus threat. Some of us are on the nerves. But all know that It is serious. Unlike some of the others you didn’t need it, their popularity values with the aid of the Corona-to drive fear in the height.

the Same, how to stand to her chancellorship and what will be read in the history books once about it: A strong and self-certain departure of the 65-Year-old is want to. For this, they even has made an important contribution by you has withdrawn from speculation about a renewal of their term of office on the fall of 2021 and beyond, now and for all Time the floor. “No, not really” is not a Flirt in order to be again asked. Merkel is smart enough to know that the outstanding Approval ratings are in thanks for the work done, but no advance for more years in office.

Maybe it’s not a coincidence that, after the years of the Matriarchy, only men in the field of frolic the succession. But will have to wait. In December, the CDU chooses its new chief, after which the joint Chancellor candidate of the CDU and the CSU will be chosen. Recent initiatives from the CSU does not aim to make the decision in January, but only later in the spring. The more in the CDU, the victory rush to the newly anointed party chief has laid out, to grab the better are the chances of the CSU-Chairman Söder, even after candidacy. Only then bid farewell to the Era of Merkel starts.