In Cologne is spreading the news of the unexpected death of a town legend. An absolute Top-of-the politician is in mourning.

Klaus Weißbach is dead. He was only 55 years old. He was regarded as a “ Mr. table tennis ” and was in Cologne on the borders of the scene also known. Karl Lauterbach was to sign the book of condolence.

Cologne Klaus Weißbach is dead. He came at the age of 55 years died. And also if this is already in the Morning of the 12th. May happened, to spread the message to. The first table tennis -reported portals, shortly after his death, about the Express then only on 6. June. Because after the sad news in Cologne seems to be and in addition, rumzusprechen. Also some Celebrities. So about SPD-health expert Karl Lauterbach* went on to sign the condolence book.

Köln: Klaus weissbach is dead – He was a city – and table tennis-legend

Who is this Klaus weißbach, that his death creates so much vibration was? He operated the small business, “ TT experts ” in Cologne. And for the past 30 years. In this respect, he is likely to be not only in Cologne many who play passionate table tennis, consciously or unconsciously, a term. On the Homepage of the store, he will be characterized in three bullet points: “someone Is, the table tennis is alive and well!!! With more than 30 years of experience in material matters, he is an absolute professional; longtime district League players“.

Köln: table tennis scene reacts in shock on the death of Klaus Weißbach

The table tennis scene is in mourning. A number of associations posted condolences and obituaries at Facebook* . “Unbelievable…we are all shocked!!!”, the TV 08 Lohmar writes . Also, the Department of the 1. FC Cologne has published an obituary. “On a certain covering, a wood or the latest balls you could have talked to talk with him for hours, or we can say more precisely: Klaus. He was not only a professional but also an honest Advisor“, it says. On read: “We all know him as a cheerful, open people, always ready to talk, always friendly and responsive, and is also a technically accomplished consultant in all questions related to Material and equipment.” His Shop was a meeting place. This operation, together with Thomas Roßkopf , the long top-of-the player and the brother of hockey legend and the coach of the Jörg Roßkopf *.

Cologne: the death of Klaus weissbach came unexpectedly

Apparently, his death came very suddenly. “His sudden and unexpected death makes us speechless,” says The cause of death is no secret: He had died of a heart attack , writes about the 1. FC Köln. “Our sympathy goes out to his family and his wife, Steffi.”

The wave of compassion and sorrow for Klaus Weißbach is great. Cologne has lost an absolute Original that wore his heart on his tongue. “Hömma, are you sure that you want the topping really so on the Forehand” that he should have asked about, according to the Express critical. He had almost known to each and every customer of the circle class, up in the high leagues. “Even your in-game balance, he had often had in my head.”

The funeral had taken place with 300 people, explains a woman from the neighboring stationery store. Due to Corona* under special arrangements.

Fans and fellow artists mourn this day is also a popular Schlager singer.

In the case of an ARD legend was meanwhile found to have a serious illness: Fritz Pleitgen is suffering from cancer and was already in surgery.