Hong kong leader Carrie Lam is on state visits with China’s leaders Monday, where she continues to receive their support.

The chinese president Xi Jinping continues to support the Hong kong leader Carrie Lam, after over half a year with rioting and demonstrations in the country.

said the chinese president in a brief speech on state tv in a meeting between the two leaders in Beijing on Monday.

– the Government fully acknowledges the efforts which you and your government has made, says Xi Jinping.

He explains that the Lamb’s government has done its best to maintain a certain stability in the midst of an “unprecedented severe and complicated situation”.

China’s president calls Carrie Lam to intensify the studies of deep-seated conflicts and problems in order to restore calm in the city.

– Hong Kong has not yet come out of the conflict. Therefore the government must continue its hard work, stop the violence and quell the chaos to restore peace, says Xi.

Hong kong-the leader maintains the idea of one country, two systems, says Xi Jinping in his speech shortly before the meeting, which takes place behind closed doors.

After the closed meeting, says Carrie Lam, after her conviction, the number of protesters in Hong kong decreasing.

Earlier Monday, Carrie Lam, met China’s prime minister, who said that Hong kong was not yet out of the “dilemma”, as the city’s economy faces as a consequence of the many months of demonstrations.

It is Carrie Lam’s first visit to Beijing since she suffered a crushing defeat at the local elections last month.

Here running the pro-democratic parties with nearly 400 of the total of 452 seats.

Hong kong has been hit by massive protests in over half a year. The rebellion began as a protest against a bill that would have made it possible for Hong kong to extradite the suspects for prosecution in China.

the Bill was withdrawn and officially dropped by the government in October. But at the time, had the protests evolved to include more than the bill.