For it was truly a sensation and a shock to the bokseverdenen, as Andy Ruiz jr. beating the quadruple world champion in the floor in the middle of Madison Square Garden back in the month of June.

There was no one who had bestowed mexicaneren a chance.

Anthony Joshua appears tall, muscular and lean. Andy Ruiz jr.’s stature is reminiscent, however, more about the Danish ‘Super’ Brian Nielsen in his heyday.

Nevertheless, it was Andy Ruiz jr., as in aggressive and brash style, in pursuit of the English world champion around, to Joshua overthrew the exhausted and bruised down in the canvas.

on Saturday, can Anthony Joshua take his throne, and four CHAMPIONSHIP belts in the WBA, WBO, IBF and IBO back.

It happens Saturday night around at 22 Danish time, where Diriyah Arena in Saudi Arabia attaches the ring to the biggest boxes and sværvægtsbrag.

Anthony Joshua assures before the match, that defeat has ruined him as a boxer.

“I have not lost my heart or the fire in my stomach. There is no fear in my heart, my eyes or in my thoughts,” says the 30-year-old englishman to Sky Sports, and continues:

“I have not lost my motivation.”

In the run-up to the WORLD cup-the noise has Anthony Joshua sought advice from his former rival, sværvægtslegenden Wladimir Klitschko.

Here was a penetrating advice from ukraineren simple, but important to keep focus.

“He (Klitschko, red.) said to me that I should not spend so much time on my phone in the week towards the fight,” says Anthony Joshua.

On the mobile’s absence is enough for the englishman to come, eventually. But Anthony Joshua has the use of the victory, if not his career, all of a sudden be on the way to the grave.

In the opposite ringhjørne is mexican Andy Ruiz jr. fully aware of what awaits him Saturday night.

“AI (Joshua, ed.) comes with a different tactic, and I know that he is prepared and will be more careful,” explains Andy Ruiz jr., with his victory in the summer was his country’s first sværvægtsverdensmester ever.

“Joshua has lost weight, and he will try to box around with me. But I will not give all the beautiful belts. Now, where my dream finally has come true, there is no chance that I will lose them,” saith the sejrssikkert from the 30-year-old mexican.