Both the men’s downhill in Val Gardena, and women’s ditto in Val d’isere have been cancelled as a result of the storms.

Storms and large amounts of snow in central Europe on Saturday had implications for the alpine skiløberes World Cup-departments.

In the Italian Val Gardena, had the men run the downhill, but the weather conditions are so bad that the organizer has been forced to cancel the race. The same is true for women, who should have run in the French Val d’isere.

It enlightens the International ski association (FIS).

According to the NTB will the men’s downhill in Val Gardena, will be held later in the season instead.

Friday, it managed to achieve something tågepræget Super-G race in the Italian skisportsby, but the weather conditions are only worsened over the night.

Also the women’s downhill in the French Val d’isere had to bow to the difficult weather conditions.

Friday may the training be cancelled, and Saturday pushed the organizer first, beginning two hours after dinner, in the hope that there was clarification enough to finish the race, but it did not. The race had to be cancelled.

It is not yet known whether they will try to settle styrtløbet in France on Sunday, if the weather allows it.

last weekend teased the heavy snowfall and strong winds also, when the men had gathered in Val d’Isere for the World Cup. Here it was settled slalomløbet, while the giant slalom had to be moved to later in the season.