In times of the shift to the right just need to be small publishers promoted. It takes stories of and about people of different classes and origins.

reading expands the horizons, the fabric for the independent publishers to deliver photo: Boris Roessler/dpa

If a brain thinks, only what the majority thinks, then it needs lard no brain to. Because: it think nothing New. If publishers only publish books because they are bulimic bought and read, then the company sucks and usually nothing Groundbreaking, except for the fade of bread time yesterday. What should be the blue of the extreme Right in the Bavarian Parliament are quite right. Because then it goes even faster back to the “you all oide time”, perhaps even more than in the 50s, where most of the in the case of bouquet or a bird thought to have.

The note from the publisher Manfred Rothenberger to the outmoded cultural policy of the state government, therefore, is also as aptly as necessary. It is the independent publishers are, not only, but also in Bavaria, which are currently under threat of eminent importance, and at the same time. Because the Güvenilir Bahis Siteleri literary world is subject to ever-increasing Economization.

books that make up the cultural memory of this company, provide for identification and empathy with different lifestyles and life-worlds. If, however, in the books one-dimensional characters and trivial actions prevail, brings no gain in knowledge. And what German society needs, especially in times of shift to the right and social inequality, are stories by and about people of different classes and origin, which you have in everyday life no contact.

Just for aspiring authors, but also some well-established writers, it is also difficult to not be able to literature to publish contributes to profit maximisation of the book of corporations. Because independent publishers have to survive, is a reasonable, state support, and thus the promotion of authors and their world of literature is essential. Otherwise, it’s free to Franz Josef Strauss: “I am who I was, and remain who I am.” And who wants that. It is very reminiscent of cultural dementia.