After a week-long Corona-delay not to be able to record on Monday, only the climbing centre with the operation, but also in the cultivation, so the long-awaited boulder hall will be opened.

Bad Tölz – thanks to the mountains on the doorstep, it is no wonder that the sport of climbing in the Tölzer Land is popular. However, not only in the fresh air, you can engage in the Hobby: climbing and Bouldering gyms are a popular Alternative to the natural heights.

yesterday, Monday, it was then finally so far: The extension of the existing climbing gym, state of the art bouldering world (Climbing without a belay at a low altitude), could finally be opened.

had to be due to the current situation to the once-planned opening ceremony dispensed with, yet an hour stood before the operator Michi Schmeidl (32) opened the doors, a number of people in a queue.

“Actually, we wanted to at 25. April start. Because Corona made a dash through the bill,“ said Schmeidl. The waiting he had used to make the detail more in love.

According to a color system, there are different levels of difficulty, from yellow to black. From beginners to pros, everyone can be tested here. Due to the current constraints, there is a Wegtrennung: at The top of boulder hall for a maximum of ten people can work out at the same time, in the lower area, the limit is 17.

in Addition, there is a children’s boulder hall. “It is to Climb a mixture and a Playground,” says Peter Naumann, chief Executive of the Association. The children’s area but still needs to be approved by TÜV and can therefore not be used this week.

the training area was renovated, including the addition of a modern boulder wall stands. By App controlled, light up the stones that are next to climb to get to the destination.

the climbing centre can regularly be visited. Starting next Monday the Training is held again.

mourning for former Tölzer city pastor Rupert Berger (93)

climbing the temple is developed in co-operation of several sections of the German Alpine club (DAV), which acts as a carrier, and of the city. Since may 2019, was built at the hall. The responsible architect Theodor Lochner is an employee of the city. He is also a climbing teacher in the hall on his know-how is available on request.

The Tölzer mayor Ingo Mehner showed himself happy about the new leisure facilities on offer. “What has been created here, is a great gain.” A sports complex for all, regardless of age, or on which the climbing level, is to Tölz is a plus point for both Locals as well as guests. “The project was for the Association to lift the city financially challenging,” said Mehner. The costs amount to just under two million euros.

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