Zlatan Ibrahimovic has bought a quarter of the Swedish club Hammarby.

Ibrahimovic has a plan to make the club the biggest in Scandinavia.

he says to Aftonbladet.

“I have agreed with the team from Hammarby to do it here club as global as possible. We will be seen all over the world. Not only in Sweden but all over the world. Everyone should know who Hammarby is, and when you see the logo, you must understand that it is Hammarby,” said Ibrahimovic to the media, before he continues:

“There are no limits to how big Hammarby can be. What is special about Hammarby, the club is growing all the time. It is the club that has the greatest potential to be the biggest club in Scandinavia.”

Although he is very happy with now to be the co-owner of a professional fodobldklub:

“It feels great. It feels exciting. It is a completely different project, and I am very motivated. I will be very engaged in it in the day, I end with football. I look forward to working with the football from a different angle. Not just on the Pinbahis pitch.”

Even reject Zlatan Ibrahimovic, however, to make up for the green and white Stockholm-club.

“I have said for 10 years that I won’t be playing football in the group have won…. It’s not going to happen,” says Ibrahimovic.

In the beginning of October was a statue of the 38-year-old swede Stadiontorvet in Malmö, Zlatans barndomsklub. Therefore, it will probably surprise many that the football players are now investing in a Stockholm club and Malmö:

“This has nothing to do with Malmö FF. When it comes to Malmö, so we’re talking about the footballer Zlatan ibrahimovic. I think that they are in Malmö to respect it here. I have a good relationship with the Malmö and have had it in all year,” said Ibrahimovic.

the Ownership has practically come into being by the fact that the Swedish icon has purchased half of the ownership interest of 47 percent, as the american Anschutz Entertainment Group (AEG) owner in Hammarby. AEG also owns the LA Galaxy, and here is the link emerged.

It remains to be seen how – or whether Zlatan Ibrahimovic continues his active career as a football player.

More kluber has been in the game, where the Italian AC Milan has been hedest on rygtebørsen.