In Bamberg drove a car into a crowd of people. Five other people were injured, some seriously. Among the Victims are also found to be children.

In Bamberg, there was a serious traffic accident. A car raced in a group of cyclists drove on a bike path. Some of the victim should be children . A helicopter rescue also came to be used. All the News and info about Bayern, you will find always up to date on our big issues page*.

Update from 16.38: , The police has now confirmed, this has happened late Wednesday morning in Bamberg, a serious car accident. A 79-was-Standing with his Suzuki on the Margaret dam on the way. As he wanted to just beyond the entrance to the Europa bridge, turn left, he went off the road. He drove on the sidewalk, on a 30-Year-old with her three children waited. All four of them were with bikes on the road.

Two seriously injured in accident in Bamberg – car drivers had the item health problems

The man collected all four people, then drove a skate Park, until he came to a bus Parking area to Stand on. He injured the mother. Their three children aged one, five and eleven years, were only slightly injured. Also, the driver of the Suzuki suffered in the accident serious injury. He and the 30-Year-old was immediately taken to the hospital.

With the help of an expert, the police to reconstruct the accident. The officials believe that the 79-Year-old came off due to health reasons of the roadway.

road traffic accident in Bamberg, Germany – a man resting in a group of people and even the most difficult

message from the 3. June, 15.08 at Bamberg – According to as yet unconfirmed information, it came on Wednesday (3. June) in Bamberg’s city centre, a major traffic accident . A motorist drove for reasons yet unknown, in a group of Bicycle. Then he tore a bike rack from its moorings and broke through a fence. The driver was injured in the accident so severely that he had to be resuscitated at the scene of the rescue workers.

The driver wanted to turn left at the intersection magarete dam/magazine street in the magarete road . In the maneuver, the man lost control of his vehicle and drove into a group of cyclists on a bike path on the road. At least two children were slightly injured. According to the rescue service, also the mother of the child was among the Victims. You suffered in the accident serious injuries and had to be taken to the hospital.

accident in Bamberg: motorist loses from unknown reasons, control of the vehicle

According to the collision with the cyclists drove the car on the green area of the skate Park and tear a bike rack from its moorings. Then the car rolled for about 50 meters to a bus Park, where it crashed at the intersection of Margarete dam/light haidestraße in a fence. Because the driver was injured in the accident so hard, he had to be with a helicopter rescue in a hospital flown.

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Why the accident is not yet clear. A reviewer is supposed to support the police now in clarifying the circumstances of the Accident. The driver lost control due to a medical problem, the control over his car, can not yet be excluded.


In the district of Kelheim, it came to a serious traffic accident. A 40 tons of heavy Truck bounced on the B16 in a car. Both vehicles were flung into an embankment.

In case of an accident on the B13 in the district, two Teenagers are injured Pfaffenhofen fatal. A car crashed head-on with a Truck.

To travel from Bamberg to Nürnberg it comes on a ICE to an incident. A 19-Year-old rested after a ticket control completely. Now it came to a head-on collision in the circle of Schongau. In the accident four people died.

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