When the duo Benal Thursday night was touted as the winner of the prize Danish band of the Year at the Danish Music Awards, it was a little småforvirret Albert Wanscher, who had to go on stage alone to retrieve the statuette.

his partner in the successful duo, Benjamin Sea, was nowhere to see.

He had slipped on the toilet in the vital minutes, where the two men be able to win a price. But Benjamin Sea had not perceived that there would be bids for him at the scene.

– It is not a joke. Frankly, so was I on the toilet. I did not know that it was our price. I stood and peed, there was someone who said “Hey, it’s your price now”, Redwin but I could not reach into the stage, so I saw it all from the balcony, says Benjamin Sea.

I could see that he (Albert Wanscher, red.) went out and took the price, and then I thought that it was actually quite perfect, ” says the singer.

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Benjamin Sea at the Roskilde Festival in 2018. Photo: Jonas Olufson

He is accustomed to always be in the spotlight, while Albert Wanscher producer is a little more in the background. It fits Benjamin Sea perfectly fine, that his partner get a little more attention.

– I think he had deserved to receive the prize. It is him who’s doing the music, says Benjamin Sea.

There is have a hit with tracks such as ‘Air Tonight’ and ‘Now Here’.

the Danish Music Awards-the show is being aired on TV2 and TV2 Play on Sunday evening at 21.00.