On Wednesday the Portal “schlager.de reported” by a paper that is causing a stir. It is a Letter should be sent to the record company of Helene Fischer composer, lyricist and producer. It States that in the autumn of this year, the release of a new album was planned. You will now be on the search for Songs.

“We want to build on the success of albums ‘colour game’ and ‘Helene Fischer’, says the document. Be asked now successful Songs – “the ballad or mid-tempo to Uptempo, everything is permitted”.

“of Course I’ve submitted some title”

The real-time of the document is not definitively confirmed. As the “image”newspaper reported, had been sent the Letter in December 2019, however, to various publishers.

The leaf is quoted in addition, Kristina Bach had already composed Helene Fischer’s big Hit “Breathless”. “Of course, I filed for Helene’s new Album, some of the titles that I even already have. I inhaled the principle Helene Yes, since I’ve written Songs for their first Album,” says Bach. She was inspired to Write the new songs and hope that it is successful, the “Spirit of ‘Breathless’ with modern Arrangements and catchy melodies and lyrics” to continue.

3.2 million euros for a concert

so really in the autumn of a new Helene Fischer Album? In spite of everything, this is rather unlikely. It is clear that Helene Fischer is one of the hardest working Stars in the German music business, a new Album is only a matter of time. At the Moment, the time is unfavorable. Most of the Stars use a new Album as a vehicle for a great tour – where there is to earn in contrast to Streaming, and album sales money.

After the release of their last album “Helene Fischer” and went on to beat Queen’s by the end of 2017 on a huge tour through Germany, Austria and Switzerland, every week a different city, five dates on the piece, then break for two days. 3.2 million Euro is generated every concert of the stars, estimated the “New York Times” at that time in a collection.

Say: An Album without a Tour is obtained for fishing only little sense. However, because of the Corona pandemic is not clear yet, whether in the autumn and Winter of this year, large-scale concerts can be held. Numerous other big names such as Peter Maffay, Rammstein or die Toten Hosen have misplaced their tours already to the next year.

A large, complex tour, as it is in fishing is common, also needs months of preparation – from the stage about the production, the choreography, right up to logistics. However, due to Corona at all, no preparation was in the last months, making a Tour this year, is hardly feasible. Helene-Fischer-Fans should not make too many hopes on a new Album later this year.

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