Who was this year’s worst teammates?

Who ran this year’s game?

And who said the coolest thing on the radio?

B. T.’s Formula 1 correspondent awards here his very own rates.

Red Bull RB15

Mercedes won far more races, but still it was Red Bull who had the best car.

the Team’s Honda engine is not yet at the level of the competition, but nevertheless won the Red Bull three races.

When you can win with a inferior engine, one has a strong car!


Mercedes has dominated the Formula 1, since the current turbo hybrid engines were introduced in 2014.

It was not least the German crabs clinging to their engine, but this year they were overtaken by the Ferrari.

the Italians ‘engine, which was built in the tribunal of grey areas, but was never convicted illegal had more horsepower than the Mercedes’ ditto in 2019.

Lewis Hamilton

Hamilton’s sixth WORLD cup title is the nicest in the collection.

In the year he had in contrast to the past is not always the best car, and yet dominated the he totally.

He drove better than ever, and there was none of the ‘outcome’, which in the past have marred his WORLD cup titles.

Sebastian Vettel

Vettels four WORLD cup titles in the years 2010-13 pales more and more.

Again, in the year he made too many personal mistakes, and he was put to the wall by his young teamkammerat, Charles Leclerc.

It seems more and more as if it was the strong Red Bull-Renault and not Vettel, who played the lead role in the four WORLD cup titles.

Kevin Magnussen in Monaco

Okay – here we have danskerbrillerne on.

But Kevin Magnussens sixth place during qualifying in Monaco was the result of one of the finest laps in the entire season.

In Monte carlo’s narrow streets play the driver a greater role than in all the other lanes, won the dane ‘best of the rest’class.

Valtteri Bottas

“Fuck you!”

Bottas was subjected to hefty criticism in 2018, where he was totally overshadowed by his Mercedes team mate Lewis Hamilton. En fin won the WORLD cup-premiere in Australia, he said over pitradioen:

“you know who you are – Fuck you!”


McLaren switched both drivers up to this season.

Worn-out Fernando Alonso and frustrated Stoffel Vandoorne was replaced by Carlos Sainz Jr. and rookien Lando Norris, and the two young, hungry drivers managed to turn the supertankeren McLaren in record time.

After many years of decline the former is topteam again on the right course – led by Sainz jr. and Norris, who obviously have fun together.

Vettel and Leclerc

Immediately you would think that Kevin Magnussen and Romain Grosjean took the prize after forsommerens three clashes in three months. But Haas-drivers managed despite the fuss on the pitch to maintain a good, personal relationship.

I think Ferrari management has also, Sebastian Vettel and Charles Leclerc has, but the ballad simmering and will soon burst into flames. If Ferrari are to win the WORLD cup 2020, they must appoint a førstekører, and the title, both will have.

There is just not space for two alfahanner in the same Formula 1 team…

German Grand Prix

Germany smoking now out of the Formula 1 calendar, but you said goodbye with a blast of a race.

the German Grand Prix 2019 had it all – takedowns, drama, overtaking.

And the rain!

Niki Lauda

The austrian legend died in the spring.

Lauda went on to win two WORLD cup titles, starting three airlines, he was in the leadership of the three new Formula 1 team, and he was one of the architects of Mercedes’ dominance.

He is missed in the paddock.

Kevin Magnussen in Hungary

He leaned up a warning message, but it never came – simply because he went right up to the limit of the regulations, but never over it.

the Way, Kevin Magnussen defended himself against Daniel Ricciardos faster Renault in Hungary, was wildly impressive.

But it was completely out, and Magnussen stressed the afternoon, how much he WILL Formula 1. It was about 13.-the square…

Christian Lundgaard

He came in Formula 1 after just half a season in Formula 3 and almost directly from its Renault Sport Academy-mate Anthoine Huberts funeral.

Nevertheless, managed 18-year-old Christian Lundgaard a impress so much in his first Formula 1 test, Renault now already moves him up in Formula 2.

Next stop: Formula 1!