the prime minister recognises that climate change has contributed to droughts, which exacerbate the fires in Australia.

The australian prime minister, Scott Morrison, has interrupted his vacation in Hawaii because of the deadly fires, which, in these weeks raging in Australia.

It happens after he has met with harsh criticism for leaving the country, while the firefighters are struggling with an unprecedented extent of the fires in the country.

on the Night of Friday lost two firefighters their lives in the fight against the flames, which were decisive for the prime minister’s choice of whether to interrupt the holiday.

Just returned, he recognises in a television interview that climate change is a contributing factor to the drought and heat, which creates the deteriorating conditions of the fires.

It writes The Guardian.

– There is no doubt, from my point of view, the government’s point of view, or delstatsregeringernes point of view, that there is a connection between global climate change and vejrfænomenerne around the world, says Scott Morrison.

– But I’m sure that people will also recognise that the direct cause of any given fire is not credible opportunity to make the coupling.

at the same time, he rejects that the season’s many fires will result in changes in Australia’s climate policy.

– People can expect that my government will do what it has promised, says the prime minister in the interview.

– I know that there is someone who has tried to make political points and score points in connection with this topic, in the middle of the disaster, which is disappointing.

– I will do it, as I have said, that I will do. It is how I am over for the australian people. I have said that we will meet our targets to reduce CO2 emissions by 26 percent.

In 2016, signed the Australia along with 170 other countries, the treaty of paris.

Here the promised Australia to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases by 26 to 28 percent of the level from 2005 in 2030.

But since 2015 is the emissions increased every year, wrote the australian media ABC News earlier in the year.