It is the French and Italian riviera, which was hit by so powerful a storm, the travellers were trapped in their cars, and parts of Greece was flooded.

Now informs the news agency AP that at least nine people have died as a result of the storms.

Four of the dead have lost their lives in France. Including a few in the 70’s, if the car sank in the great waters in the town of Grasse.

another frenchman died after a boat sank in the Mediterranean, and a fourth has been found dead in a car.

In Greece the two were equal, which one considers is the two tourists, found in the night between Sunday and Monday near the port city of Antirio, where their boat was caught in strong storms.

two Bets10 More women lost their lives when a storm hit the Greek islands in the eastern part of The Aegean Sea.

Also in the north Italy was a woman found dead after massive water masses got a hold of her car.

The heavy rain has not only cost human lives, but also led to extensive property damage.

In France the high water levels in its rivers slowly pull back, but evacuated citizens can still not return home, because the authorities are working to restore electricity and clear roads of fallen trees.

In Greece, hundreds of houses have been flooded as a result of a storm that affected large parts of the capital Athens. Heavy rains and mudslides closed also down for the motorway, which connects Athens with the port city of Patras.

The worst flooding to hit the seaside Kineta, where several hundred citizens who were trapped in their cars and flooded homes were rescued by the fire department.