The former Dream Street singer, Chris Trousdale, who joined in 1999 as a Teenager, the American boy band, is dead. With “a heavy heart” would announce his family the death of the 34-Year-old, announced Trousdales spokeswoman Amanda Stephan in a communication, the existence of the dpa. “He was a light for so many and will be missed by his family, friends and Fans around the world,“ said Stephan.

The cause of death was not mentioned, it is only a “disease,” the speech was. The celebrity Portal “” reported, meanwhile, that Trousdale had died in a hospital in California’s Burbank on the consequences of the lung disease Covid-19.

“Charming personality and incredibly gifted dancer”

In the social networks, thought of his former band mates. So Jesse McCartney wrote in an Instagram Post: “It pains me to say that an old friend, Chris Trousdale, died from my early days in the music industry because of Covid-19-complications. Chris had a very charming personality and boundless Talent.”

The 34-Year-old paid tribute to McCartney tribute: “Chris was, in my opinion, the Most common of all of us, no matter what he did on the stage, and drew all eyes to himself. He was an incredibly talented dancer, had within a few minutes the whole dance number on it – the Rest has needed of us, sometimes for days.” Trousdales family, he spoke his condolences: “My deepest sympathy goes out to his mother, I know that you loved him very much. Rest in peace, Chris. I will never forget your Smile.”

part of the group Dream Street boy band wants to stage with-Gropius-Bau, art and music

Trousdale connect already as a child, as an actor and singer in New York. In 1999, he was next to Jesse McCartney and Greg Raposo one of the five teenagers in the Band Dream Street, with two albums and Singles such as “I Say Yeah”, “It Happens Every Time” and “Sugar Rush” of success. 2002, dissolved the Band after a dispute between the parents and the managers of the young artists.

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