the Artificial intelligence is not limited to weapons systems and self-driving cars. The policy also deals with KI in the music.

KI or K. I. Z? The boys like it! Photo: imago

Who searches the Internet for the musician Charles Bolt, is the day when we can find it. This streaming service Bolts sappy Piano Muzak hundreds of thousands of listeners. However, Bolt is as little alive as his colleague Heinz Goldblatt. Behind these two ghosts are no artists put their Songs have been composed by an Artificial intelligence (AI).

the Itch the listeners at all? And who has programmed Bolt and gold leaf? What is clear is that the model is profitable, especially since Spotify has to pay no royalties to copyright societies such as the Gema. Spotify moves neither proceeds other information pay out.

The lack of transparency on the Frankfurt author Holger Volland complained at a Hearing on Wednesday in Berlin. He and other technology experts were invited by the Green group in the Bundestag on the theme of “(Un)creative AI-Artificial intelligence in music and art”. Whether self-driving cars, Autonomous weapons systems or patient data, in many fields of AI will be tried and tested technology, or is already in use.

Long-gold-rush mood prevails in the computer industry. With the rapid succession of technical innovations, the legislator can hardly be considered a step. In the process, Big Data raises not only regulatory, but also a lot of ethical questions: How far risks are assessed? The company, through the influence of AI being dehumanized? Machines have a Conscience?

From the Comic book: “AI, to clarify, we need to talk,” Julia Schneider and Lena Kadriye Ziyal photo: weneedtotalk

questions of science, Economics and jurisprudence, tried in the Bundestag since 2018, a Commission of enquiry. Culture is neglected, rather, as Anna Christmann, green officer in the Betpas baden-württemberg Ministry of science, stated on Wednesday by way of introduction. Together with her colleague Erhard Foundation, the cultural policy spokesman for the parliamentary group, wants to change that. Prior to his time as a member of Basic has worked as a representative of the (independent) music industry. He was alarmed by the news that the industry multi Warner have recently developed a KI for the ambient music, said Basic.

at Least the AI brings in the field of culture in the absence of human life when in danger. And yet, the automation of creativity sounds too tempting to let her. While Holger Volland criticized the opaque business model for algorithmically created use of music, Roman, the Berlin-based artist Duo Florian Dohmann and Roman Lipski is schematized “the infinite possibilities of AI”: Lipski uses when Painting a Dohmann designed AI, called digital muse, which is expanding its painting lines, colors and patterns enhanced (). KI had helped him take the abstraction, said Lipski, sound but rather a true-hearted as iconoclasts table. He wanted to overcome the AI, his fear of the white canvas, he confessed and asked those present to open themselves to the topic of AI as a Tool in the creative process.

Demonize brings nothing, the KI-spirit is long out of the bottle. In contrast, the software developer Matthias Strobel (Federal Association of music technology) joined for compulsory labelling and said that those who want to use technology for the benefit of the materials should make a list on a KI process. He warned that the policy should assess innovations on the music of Germany as a location stronger, otherwise bahis siteleri it happens, like with the digital music format, MP3, was invented at the Fraunhofer Institute, but of foreign actors on the market has been set.

this was All the writer and artist Kathrin Passig too one-sided. They criticized the men overhang of the Panels (“all the Green”) and ensuring, to promote women as a Programmer to be stronger. Package a associated with Creative Commons, so copyright-free works of art, as tools that would make the world a better place. Consent on the subject of women, you got by the way of the Gema, their assistant Annette hunter announced that just 14 percent of their members were female.

short of the aesthetic assumptions associated with the use of KI in the music came on Wednesday: The announcement of officer Holly Herndon was absent. The last one with an AI resulting Album, “Proto”, the US musician is groaning under the conceptual approach. The conversation is a big need, a start was made on Wednesday.