international Museum day, taking place at the moment in “Animal Crossing: New Horizons”. Players can go to the Museum on a stamp hunt, and get rewards.

In the case of “Animal Crossing: New Horizons” is taking place, the International Museum day. In Eugene the Museum, players can go on a stamp hunt. How this works and what are the rewards explained in this article.

The International Museum day is the latest Event in a “ Animal Crossing: New Horizons ” from the 18. to 31. May takes place. This is automatically integrated with the latest Update to Version 1.2 to the game. Players can look at this time stamp in the Museum, and receive for their completed stamp cards prices. As the stamp hunting exactly works, we tell in the following section.

Museum day in “Animal Crossing: New Horizons”: the stamp-hunting

First of all, Animal Crossing: New Horizons*to “”players listen to the morning announcements Melinda works. Then it goes to a Museum* go to Eugene . He explained everything around the theme Museum day and on the stamp hunt . Then it can start already.

In the Museum are hidden in the fish , fossils and insects exhibitions each three stamp boxes with an owl Logo . Overall, it is therefore necessary to find nine of them. Players have to interact with them and so the required stamp collecting. Who has found all, gets a reward of Eugene. However, the Fund places the stamp cases are randomly distributed, and therefore every player is different.

Since the stamp boxes appear randomly, there are no guaranteed locations where they are to find. But anyone who takes the time and the three exhibitions under the microscope is easy to find. But all too motivational are not expected rewards , unfortunately.

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“Animal Crossing: New Horizons”: The the rewards are in the stamp hunt

The stamp hunting can be repeated every day until the end of the Museum tags, and the Position of the stamp boxes changes with each player every day. But, unfortunately, the rewards will always remain the same . Once the stamp card has nine stamps, the full, players from Eugene a fish wall decor , fossils wall jewelry and insects wall decoration .

one Who goes up to the end of the event each day to punch chase in the Museum and the rewards get, gets, unfortunately, no added Bonus . Therefore, nothing else remains to be the players are actually left to sell as the wall jewelry duplicates for each 300 Bells .

Infobox “Animal Crossing: New Horizons”

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20. March 2020

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Animal Crossing

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Nintendo Switch


life simulation

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Nintendo EPD

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