The student turns against his master! “This is not a battle between J. K. and me,” wrote Harry-Potter-actor Daniel Radcliffe (30), but he had “felt as a man forced” to say something. In the dispute over the controversial Transgender Tweets of the Potter-writer (54) moved to Radcliffe clarification: “All Transgender women are women.”

2018 /John Phillips tele show

Radcliffe has published his contribution in a statement, the LGBTQ suicide prevention organization “The Trevor Project”. “Any statement to the contrary deletes the identity and Dignity of Transgender persons,” it says, and continues: “It is clear that we need to do more to support Transgender and non-binary people, to invalidate their identity and to cause no further damage,” wrote Radcliffe.

2011 /Ian Gavan tele-watch Daniel Radcliffe: “Not a fight between J. K. and me!”

Joanne “J. K.” Rowling had deleted two controversial Posts on Transgender issues (“If gender is not real, it is the lived reality of women in the world. It is not hate to tell the truth.”) the displeasure of the Trans Community involved. Once again, why the charges against her are a “TRANS-phobic” attitude – which she denies vehemently.

Radcliffe wrote that the allegations, or insinuations, Transgender women are not women, “talks all the advice of professional associations in health care” cons, “the a lot more expertise on this topic, as a Jo, or me.”

The actor has respect for Rowling (“it is undoubtedly for the course of my life.”), but fear for the Reputation of the Potter series. Many Fans had expressed in the discussion that Rowling will spot your love of the seven books to a student of magic, Harry and his friends “” and had damaged.

2019 /Nicky J Sims tele-show-Harry-Potter-Star: “I regret the pain of the Fans!”

Radcliffe (“I’m sorry for your pain.”) turned directly to the Fans: “I really hope that they lose what to them was in these stories valuable. If these books have taught you that love is the strongest force in the universe that is able to overcome anything; if you are taught that strength is in diversity, and that dogma will lead to tables the notions of purity, to the oppression of vulnerable groups; if you have found in these stories is something that has to be addressed and to you in your life has helped, then the sacred is. And the can you take none.”

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