An Aldi customer has considered the packaging of the Steaks very carefully, and his anger on Facebook expressed. The Discounter replied now.

Aldi* on Facebook currently, due to a meat product in the criticism. Customers exhort the discount stores with sharp words, to the sustainability . Occasion goods a Aldi*is-own-brand – the Discounter has already responded to the allegations.

Essen/Mülheim – Dumping-prices, Corona accommodation Hotspots in Employees, poor working conditions – issues that the meat industry a lot of. In addition, the reputation of the customer is sustainability louder. Finally, the rain forest, for example, the in Brazil in flames.

So it is hardly surprising that a Facebook user on 10. June announced that he wanted to with his Post go viral – and in some ways is also managed. Five days later, his Post was shared more than 2,600 Times, in which he scolds: “ALDI SÜD sells Brazilian BEEF out of cleared jungle areas of Brazil .” How he came up with that? “Today I scanned in the Morning of the packaging code on the spot and then came to the ALDI page to enter the tracking number,” he writes. As evidence, he has photos of the products. His rant goes even further: “ALDI advertises with ‘sustainability’. the SHAME ON ALDI !!!“

Aldi in the flesh-storm: the rain forest of cheap meat trade?

in fact, Aldi writes, as almost all of the discount stores – to want on the Banner, climate and the environment, and has already launched numerous sustainability initiatives. Meat from Brazil in the offer, but could include: the newspaper world last fall reported that beef from Brazil costs about half as much as meat from Germany.

should have imported 515.000 tonnes of beef from Brazil to the EU within five years. The hook: Approximately 2.5 square kilometers are areas of protected nature in grazing land has been converted to a year around 350 football fields .

cheap meat from Brazil? Aldi responds on Facebook-allegations

Aldi has this Monday (15. June) on the accusations is responding – and will not let you sit . An indignant customer, who shared the anger-Post also answered a Social Media employee, that a “majority” of the Aldi-tribe of Meat products from Germany. He admits, however: “In the frozen area, we also offer a selection of beef products, originating from South America.”

the defense of the Discounters followed: “This share is, however, comparatively small. According to our CR requirements is required in the case of meat products that come from South America, the supplier contractually, to refer exclusively to raw materials from farms, which can confirm that to the rearing of cattle, no new tropical forest areas have been cleared,“ writes the Aldi employees.

More about Aldi in the

recently, Aldi in topic meat for attention. In the middle of the debate about the working conditions in the German meat industry, the Discounter wanted to reduce the prices for sausage. Due to the slump in pork prices. The sausage prices on the commodity prices Orient, is common. For resentment in the industry, the height, the pace and the time of the offence caused but there was also fear that other large commercial re-tighten the chains.

Anti-Aldi-Post goes viral: “noise must dumb and stupid”

Well, in order to keep the customer looking at the meat on the price (). Inexpensive and sustainable, at the same time is to be agreed with meat hard to come by. Some of the commentators below the Post, not only Aldi, but also the self in question: “Aldi is just one of very many masses of customers… the citizens, or better ‘Consumer”‘ is crash dumb and stupid , from the origin over several thousand kilometers with all the bells and Whistles hardly,” writes one.

another noted that not only the meat, from Brazil, was problematic: “also, Please note that the meat from other countries, but is produced with soy from Brazil, it’s not better… therefore, actually does not eat meat, or only from sources that are not fed with soy from Brazil, etc.!!”

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