In the YouTube Talk show “Let’s talk, girls!” with Marlene Lufen, Saskia Valencia, Motsi Mabuse and Marijke Amado Pietro Lombardi speaks openly about his Dating experiences and explains how hard it is to meet someone.

“I don’t go out much, I’m very much at home, I don’t go partying or in Bars. On Tinder, I’m not active.“

“I have built up a protective wall,”

Nevertheless, there were some women he dated, and added: “I’ve met women, also really a couple of women. But I was never got to the point where I said, that is the wife can imagine to grow old with her and to be given another child.“

He is also open: “I have built up a protective wall. I’m very complicated, in a relationship, I am very own. I also have my mistakes and I’m sometimes very angry and aggressive.“

it is hard to imagine…

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