According to a detailed accident analysis of the A8 between Munich and Ulm-Elchingen has agreed to Bavaria’s interior Minister Joachim Herrmann the proposal from the motorway Directorate in southern Bavaria for speed limits on accident-loaded sub-areas.

Fürstenfeldbruck/Dachau/Augsburg – the maximum speed limit on the A8 between the port Neusäß and Friedberg in both directions of travel, as well as in Sulzemoos in the direction of München, in the future, between 6 and 20 h to 120 km / h limited. This had happened during the day, especially in the case of high traffic accidents in the emergence of above-average, often due to not adapted speed, so the Ministry of the interior. The speed limits are in effect, as soon as by the end of June, the traffic signs are placed. “So that we can improve the traffic safety on these highly accident-loaded motorway sections, as long as the traffic management systems are not yet installed,” said the Minister of the interior.

Later flexible Limits

According to the General Directorate of highways, the construction of the traffic management systems for timely approval, you can start by the Federal government, presumably from the year 2022. “Then we can respond with flexible speed limits, as soon as the risk of accidents is increased, for example, in smoothness or in poor visibility,” said Herrmann. “Flexible speed limits are always better than rigid speed limits. In particular, they have a significantly higher rate of acceptance.” How the Minister of the interior explained that the accident rates on the other sections of the A8 to the West of Munich according to the evaluations of the General Directorate of highways not conspicuously high, especially with regard to accidents with non-adapted speed: “On none of the other reviewed sections of a speed restriction is currently due to a particular risk situation justifiable. The A8 is traced in the area in question according to the most modern Standards and has been expanded.”

Further development

The Minister of the interior, but also made it clear that the highway authority and the police to keep the further accident development very closely. “Would worsen the accident situation, we can respond to in other areas in the short term, with speed limits or other appropriate measures,” said Herrmann. According to the Lord’s words, speed limits can only be arranged where this is necessary and other ‘milder’ means not grasping, for example, in the wet the grip of the road accidents to improve. In particular, there must be due to the local conditions in a special risk situation. For the assessment, in particular the traffic accidents to be used, and by the accident Commission, a panel of experts consisting of representatives of the road authority, the road transport authority and the police rating. The speed limit on the A8 road traffic authority responsible for the motorway Directorate in southern Bavaria, is, at the same time, also road construction authority. The Bavarian Ministry of the interior must agree to a speed limit in front of the arrangement.