One of the most important tasks of parents is to protect children to regulate emotions by using food. To comfort you, so neither, with chocolate, ice cream and salty Snacks and calm down, and Vice versa Treats as a Form of reward to use. But that’s exactly what is now the normal case, and absolute everyday!

experts from mainly two reasons: firstly, the Snacks are always easier and cheaper to – to the other of the pressure and hectic pace of everyday life to take so that parents don’t often believe to is no way your child off iron and in order to shut up.

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Matthias Riedl is a nutritional physician, diabetologist and medical Director of the medicum Hamburg, Germany’s biggest food specialty medical practice. As a Board member of the Federation of German nutrition physicians (BDEM), the education around the topic of nutrition. Want to support he above all people, where the classical conventional medicine no longer helps. Here you can read an excerpt from his book “The Power of the first 1000 days”.

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Sweet rewards for parents as children, tempting

These developments have already begun decades ago. Since then, they have to take to speed and reinforce each other – reducing the number of people impacted to compensate for bad feelings with food, is growing more and more. Candies, and layers of rubber, for example, the piece bears in the 60s, in large glasses on the counter of the mom-and-pop shop, there to buy you a little later soon in small sachets to dominate today in infinite variety and XXL-pack size to be on the shelves of supermarkets and discounters.

This has of course consequences for all who try to shape your child healthy. Because if the Treat is so readily available that children can be reliably calm, increases the pressure on the parents, this possibility is also perceived by the child at the cash register, the losschreit, because it wants to have a chocolate bar, up to the two year olds in the U-Bahn, throws a tantrum in front of the seats. Parents, be here are you annoyed glances of Bystanders safe.

Clearly, fathers and mothers, therefore, a dozen times a day, such as remote-controlled in the handbag, carrying network to the stroller or the nearest vending machine to grab, the to get what the mood is certainly turning leaves: Sweet, Oily, or a combination of both, of the food industry in the right cute shape: From the alkalis cracker in owl or dinosaur shape to the supposedly healthy raisins-strawberry-oatmeal-Snack for the children in the Eco group – parents a wide selection of Unhealthy today. FOCUS Online provides you with the most exciting Reports from the parents. Here you can subscribe to the Newsletter.

And in the unlikely case that none of this is in the vicinity? The little Lisa gets an ice cream I promised you, that you please, now, to cry on the spot to stop. So far, So bad.

parents do not realize often how often they provide offspring with food calm

But not alone, the industry is to blame for this misery. Another reason is that more and more parents have shown over the decades of a supposedly alternative machinery that makes everyday life more and more hectic. Caress, Cuddle, Comfort, along with a book to look at, a distraction on the next Playground search – all the costs, other than the handle in the snack bag, time. Valuable minutes, of which the parents have less and less available.

A document in paper form: the family calendar – a picture of horror, with a Yoga-football-speech therapy-gymnastics for children-music lessons-Spanish course-Omabesuch-filled days. Let me at this point is a little thought experiment and imagine, parents from the 50s would put in the present. What is your reaction after a Packed day would be good, as it is for many families typical?

I imagine that you would just out of sheer Overwork, and overstimulation to the ground screaming as many a two year old in the supermarket. We’re rushing through the hours, as in the noise. And do not notice often, as we seek to transform children more and more in essence, the same as us: people who work. Instead of again and again by Whining, screaming, and-not-to-pull-time costs. Because Snacks as a lubricant that oils the processes and speed come just at the right time. This costs almost nothing, and now even in the drugstores, a variety of shelves to fill, so much the better!

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The result is that parents don’t realize often how often they provide their offspring with food calm. And underestimate this – this is demonstrated by the Figures also, how many calories (too much) the children per day.

sugar is a Behavior narcotic

The huge Problem here is not only that children are quickly overweight. But irritating especially Sweet, our reward center in the brain extreme: The body pours the luck out of messenger substance dopamine, which brings us to an action – in this case, Snacking – to want to always and always to repeat. In extreme cases, food can make, as everything that polt us in the short term “happy”, addicted.

While nicotine and alcohol in the consciousness of the anchored most of all, however, as a potentially fatal substances, it is difficult for us to look at food as a danger and as a narcotic. That’s exactly what they are! And, in particular, children are particularly easy with a Sweet “anfixen” as expressed by my medical colleague, Andreas Michalsen.

I can already hear the critics say: No food makes you physically dependent! That’s true, of course. What high-calorie, sugar – and fat-rich food can trigger very well, addiction is a behavior. Those who suffer from it, uses food to feel better and to compensate for, for example, Stress or problems in the Job – similar to game addicts on the machines, try to escape their negative feelings.

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for More examples of behavioral addictions beloved well-worn rituals, such as, for example, when you read the newspaper a biscuit to crunch or to Munch on while the evening crime-Peeping a piece of chocolate. Once accustomed to resort to them in the appropriate situations automatically – the behavior is addictive just. No matter whether you feel just hungry or not.

How we work: behavioral addictions such as an ingrained way that we no longer have to think. But As adults, we can leave this consciously again. To make it easy for kids, parents should not lead the young on the path of the behavior addictions. Snacks as a medium, the Small quiet is recognised in society, in the meantime, though – but the first step in the imprinting case. One of the many parents of the previous two generations already done that, and ensured that people engage in Stress with the loved one to ice cream and Chips and not to shoes the Jogging. This must change!

Other reward forms

Instead of children to give regular Snacks, parents should consider the beautiful joint actions the child is to reward alternative or comfort could be. Together go for a swim? Fishing? Boats in the port watch, or on the Playground in the Park go? Parents is usually quite a lot of things, what Big and Small delight.

you Make the effort! Because nothing protects children better about to have to, as adults, a behavior addiction, as most of us today! Cayman Islands-ridden swamp! Who leaves the boat, signs death sentence