The registration is possible from now on, it’s that time again: Moosburg is participating this year for the tenth Time in the action “city Cycling”. A new competition this year.

Moosburg – in Spite of the Corona wants to participate in the town of Moosburg in again this year at the nationwide competition “city Cycling” of the climate Alliance. The registration is possible from now on. The municipal administration, as well as the Federal Ministry of health were convinced that “the bike is in the corona times, the most sensible means of transport for the remaining unavoidable way,” – said in a press release from city hall. “Cycling strengthens the immune system, lowers blood pressure and exercises the lung muscles.”

to be Cycled in the three weeks from 21. Of June to the 11. July. Join all who live either in Moosburg can work there, go to school, or a moss-Burger club members. The application is made under

Not only because of Corona is a special year

2020 is considered to be the very special year, because the action will be carried out in Moosburg, already for the tenth Time. The number of cyclists, the Teams, and the mileage has doubled since then, more than. A special feature is in Moosburg in addition, the social component. The donations of the participating cyclists and many of Moosburg companies and shops went up in the past few years, among other things, to the assistant to the circle of the asylum, the live-in help facilities, the therapeutic-educational day care center, Caritas and the Association “Benni & co.”.

Due to the current exceptional situation of this year, had not been asked to the moss Burger shops for the first time to donate, the statement said. Nevertheless, the idea of “Cycling for a good purpose” to maintain, the town hall, to donate five cents per kilometre. “With the rode their way to a money, the city would like to support in this difficult time, the youth departments of the moss Burger sports clubs TSV, SGM, and FC,” says mayor Joseph Dollinger.

New photo contest – Biking map and Saddle on the 25. June

The usual kick-off and bike blessing must this year, however, fail. “However, all citizens are invited to the great common law warmly, because every mile counts.” As a further action a photo competition under the title “is planned With the bike on the road”. From all the submissions received during the stadtradel period, a Jury will choose the three most original pictures. The winner wants to give after the summer holidays, known. The terms and conditions of participation as well as suggestions for ideas are available on the Stadtradel site.

A Cycling map of the district of Freising as well as useful Bicycle saddle protection-Coatings may be made on Thursday, 25. June, between 16 and 17.30 at the Moosburg town hall to be picked up.


Up to 500 euros: Moosburg subsidised private load wheels – So come citizens of the promotion