A work attributed to Banksy, a tribute to the victims of the attacks of November 2015 in Paris and fly in 2019 at the Bataclan, was found during an operation of the forces of law and order in the centre of Italy, it was learnt on Wednesday 10 June 2020 with the carabinieri. “We recovered the door fly at the Bataclan with a piece by Banksy depicting a young girl sad,” said the Agency France-Presse a senior officer of the carabinieri in Teramo. The operation was launched at the request of the French police and conducted in the presence of French officers, said this person.

” I can’t tell you anything else, a press conference by the prosecutor of L’aquila “, the chief town of the Abruzzo region, where the work was found, ” will be held tomorrow morning “, he just added. This work, attributed to the famous british artist anonymous Banksy, had been painted on a back door of the show room paris at the Bataclan, in the form of a homage on the place where 90 people have been killed on the 13th November 2015 at the terrorist attacks that hit Paris. It had been stolen in January 2019, with the door on which it was painted, cut out with an angle grinder.

The work found in a farm

According to the daily La Repubblica, quoting the prosecutor of L’aquila, the door was found in a farm in the Abruzzo countryside. The operation took place on a search ordered by the public prosecutor and that this discovery “has been made possible thanks to the investigations conducted by the office of the prosecutor together with the police and the justice French,” said the newspaper.

Made with stencil and white paint, the work attributed to Banksy was a female character to look sad on one of the emergency exits, located behind the Bataclan, in the passage where many spectators of the concert of Eagles of Death Metal had escaped during the terrorist attack.