Immediately it was just a skæbnefortælling from a hospital in a midtengelsk city.

But the story of the four-year-old Jack has on the few days developed into something that may remind you of a nightmare for the British prime minister, Boris Johnson.

the Story about Jack was first brought in regionalmediet the Yorkshire Evening Post on Sunday.

But it was not long before Jacks story spread over the rest of the country – and the world.

Jack was rushed to the hospital by ambulance in Leeds 3. december. It was feared that the four-year-old had acute pneumonia.

But when he, along with his mother, Sarah Williment, arrived at the hospital, they had hit the busiest week ago 2016.

Therefore there was no beds for Jack, which instead was placed on the floor on top of a jacket – here he lay for four hours.

It took his mother a picture of.

The image, where little Jack is located on top of a jacket with a iltpose next door, has since gone and become a symbol of the decay, which many britons believe their healthcare system is in.

The great british media seized quickly the story. So did Boris Johnson’s hovedudfordrer in the fight for the premierministerposten the Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.

Since Boris Johnson launched the election in the Uk, the conservatives bailed on a wave. Not least because of Brexit.

Long has it looked to, to Johnson and the Conservatives could get such a large majority in the british parliament, they could rule alone with an absolute majority.

But Boris Johnson’s achilles heel has long been the british health care system.

Why has Jeremy Corbyn and Labour immediately thrown himself over the little Boys story. And Boris Johnson did not do better for himself, when he appeared in an interview with the tv channel ITV.

Here he refused a long time to look at the picture from the hospital in Leeds of the Jack, as the reporter tried to show him. Subsequently took Boris Johnson, even the phone from the journalist, and put it in his pocket.

The whole thing was filmed. The damage Johnson had happened.

in addition to the ITV, of course, brought the clip in the newsfeed, so put the reporter behind, Joe Pike, it also appears on her Twitter profile, where it is seen more than 11 million times.

Joe Pike was quite known his phone back. But Labour also got something back: a possibility.

the Ability to recover some of the huge lead which the Conservatives have held.

And it can also be seen in the measurements.

the Day before the election – Wednesday – the conservative newspaper the Daily Mail a big story on the front page of its internet newspaper. The very long heading preceded by the three words: ‘Tory lead PLUMMETS’ – which translates to ‘Conservative keeping rattles down’.

In a poll see Boris Johnson seems to have the majority in the parliament, with 339 seats – but it is more than a halving of the lead in relation to previous measurements.

Continuing the trend in Wednesday’s measurement, then this means that Boris Johnson is fast approaching the 320 seats, which gives it the brits call a ‘hung parliament’, where there is a party with a majority of the votes.

And on the way got the four-year-old Jack from Leeds’ unhappy story suddenly enormous consequences for the whole of the Uk.