On the weekend, went around the world people took to the streets to demonstrate together against racism. In London thousands of people protested on Saturday in honor of police violence who have died Afro American George Floyd. In the midst of the participants, a German tennis legend Boris Becker found himself.

His conclusion about the reactions, however, are not very encouraging: “I’m shocked, shocked, shocked about the many insults only from Germany for my support of the #black live matters-Demo in London yesterday!”, he tweeted on Sunday. “Why, why, why? We have become a country of racists …?”

“My family history”

With a cloth as a face mask and a hood on the head he showed the Demo in a Twitter video. However, not all User shared obviously his opinion. The comments under the Tweet are part shabby: “who wants to read this, because just a dusting” is there. Or “what the hell is going on? With Ziehste now with the Antifa?? Hope not!!!”

But you can also find encouraging phrases such as “don’t be upset by haters like to profess” to be. Boris Becker himself reacted in surprise: “it seems that many people in Germany did not always understand that it is my family history!” He added the names of his children as the Hashtags for this: #Noah #Elias #Anna #Amadeus.

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