the severe weather plaguing the currently large parts of southern Europe, and in both France and Italy, there have been examples of the devastation.

Three people in France died and in Italy is a major highway bridge collapsed under the violent storm.

A huge landslide was Sunday bridge in the northwestern region of Liguria near the town of Savona to collapse.

It writes bl.a. Reuthers.

It was immediately not clear whether there were deaths. Ligurias president, Giovanni Toti announced in a press conference that a car was allegedly involved, but that he had not evidence, and that the investigations were still in progress.

the Bridge was a 50-meter long viaduct, there is a connection from the 1xbet coast to the city of Turin.

Giovanni Toti told at the press conference, that all the traffic is stopped in both directions, and a local road in the vicinity of the bridge have also been made impassable by the democratic republic.

It is not the first time that a bridge collapses in the area. In 2018 rushed the bridge ‘Morandi’ together – also in Liguria – which resulted in 43 deaths.

Major flooding Sunday has also hit the south of France, in the town of Le Muy, which has caused great damage and impassable roads.

12. november this year was Venice in Italy hit by a tidal wave, which resulted in the worst high tide, the city has witnessed in 50 years, and which resulted in a death.

Only three days after the city was hit by yet another flood, which left 70 per cent. of the city under water.

in the flood in Venice ousted the Italian government € 20 million. the euro equivalent to eur 150 million. kr. for the clean-up operation.