It’s over. The dream is turned off.

It was make or break. Again. A true horror story for Denmark.

the national Team was, once again, in a match where only victory was enough.

But Klavs Bruun Jørgensen’s crew could not go the distance, and it ended 26-26. Just one point for a bit.

the Foundation cracked
The otherwise solid Danish defensive cracked several times in the course of the first half. Sandra Toft did its part by, among other things, tweak more penalties, but the strong goalie was several times let down by his defense, and so was she at the mercy. I wonder if the temperamental dane is going to speak with big letters in the dressing room after the fight.

It was the same way almost every time, the danes were deceived. Run over. The serbs treading through. Therefore they could also go to the break with a lead of three goals.

The fetched danes, however, as they ate into the showdown again. Unfortunately it was not enough.

the Dream became a nightmare
that was It. Goodbye and thank you. Not only for the WORLD cup, but also for next summer’s OLYMPICS, where Klavs Bruun Jørgensen’s crew once again must see with home from the couch. It must hurt.

Several of landsholdsspillerne said it before the match. They travel home with nothing, they have only themselves to thank for it. The chances and opportunities have been there, but instead it ended up in another downturn.

It could have ended like a fairy tale, but now it is a nightmare. And it’s the danes own fault.

so now What?
this is The big question. We go into an OLYMPIC year, there will be without the Danish western christianity and most. And it is even once been to the story about the Danish national team is missing something.

throughout the tournament, they have been about to develop, but in the day they could not go the distance with the knife for the throat. And has it been enough?

we succeeded in The group stage against verdensmestrene from France, but today failed it. Klavs Bruun Jørgensen have before pointed to the mental, as a challenge sometimes. Something must certainly be done and be worked with. For the results are missing then.