For the “15 minutes live” section, entertainer Klaas Heufer-Umlauf (39) had personal items from his colleague Joko Winterscheidt (44) brought into space. For this, a British company that specializes in this, let a weather balloon rise into the air. Attached to it: a camera and a suitcase with Winterscheidt’s identity card, his bunch of keys and socks.

The images from space were broadcast on ProSieben on Wednesday evening. The 15-minute show was exceptionally pre-recorded this time. Winterscheidt was surprised and irritated.

The British startup “Sent Into Space” advertises such campaigns on its website. You have already completed more than 1000 flights. The charges were always secured after the balloon landed on earth – using a GPS tracker.

The 15-minute broadcast time on Wednesday evening, which Joko and Klaas can use as they please, they had the night before on their show “Joko