A good-humoured and well-dressed crown princess Mary was seen on lots of art when she Monday handed out awards at an art competition at the Copenhagen city Hall.

“Where are the fine,” said the crown princess, since she is the barely an hour long trip around the one of the existing halls as a closer look at one of the many beautiful shapes, as one of the participants had made.

the Figure belonged to Inger Bruun, who had made the little man in the colored.

“It’s supposed to, he says welcome,” she told the crown princess, who asked detailed check for the figure.

To B. T. told Inger Bruun, it was the first time that she met the crown princess.

“I was very nervous. I was so nervous that I almost could not hold a coffee cup before,” said the happy kustner.

the Nervousness she could, however, probably have spared himself.

For the Retrobet crown princess were very friendly and very curious and interested, as she went around and looked at all the artworks which had been made by the citizens, relatives and employees in the Copenhagen Socialpsykiatri or of the members of the national Association for mental health (MIND) or Psykiatrifonden.

Several times commented on the crown princess, that the works had a nice level of detail.

She gave also a good time to read a poem on the back of a painting.

Kunstkonkurrencen, which was first held in 2012, was organised by the social psychiatry in Copenhagen.

crown Princess Mary is patron for the MIND and Psykiatrifonden and was therefore come to share the prizes out to the winners of the competition – much to the delight of the participants.

the Winners were presented with flowers of the crown princess, who also had the time to ask little into each project.

And as the ending was Mary herself handed a big gift basket with wine and other good, which, however, was so great, that the crown princess had to delegate it to one of his security personnel.

In total there were submitted 58 works produced by 38 artists for the competition.

It was the Danish artist Malene Landgreen, who had selected the six winners.