While some people have the feeling of the Corona Chapter is largely unchecked, increasing the number of daily new infections continue. Almost 212.000 people have received according to the Johns Hopkins University in the world on Wednesday alone, a positive Corona results. In may, the number of new infections are among per day still stood at about 80,000.

at the same time, voices calling for an end to the existing pandemic, restrictions are increasing. Under the Hashtag #fake pandemic, you play the consequences of infection down. To speak of a “harmless flu” – apparently undeterred by the numerous reminders from physicians from all over the world, to keep the comparison is wrong and misleading. Because who is seriously ill at Covid-19, suffers by no means a simple flu may be unpleasant, but usually within a few days were. Many patients have to be ventilated in the hospital artificially, doctors discuss the potential long-term damage not only the lungs but also the brain and other organs.

“scorn for all patients with a severe course”

The bagatellisiere the Corona-campaigns in the virtual as in the real world for many Corona-patients with severe course of the disease they endure. “When I see hear the Corona skeptics speak and demonstrate, it is a mockery for all patients with a severe course. And for the survivors, their relatives didn’t make it,” says 20minutes a former Covid-19-Patient of the Swiss Portal “.ch“. In March, he was due to the Sars-CoV-2 infection, two weeks in a coma. Eleven kilograms of body weight he has lost.

Among the consequences of the infection he is also suffering from four months later; his sense of taste is gone, constant fatigue plagued him. “I can eat a Pepperoncini – and remember nothing,” says the 69-Year-old. That people, the disease to declare as not dangerous, he can not understand. Who have made the insidious disease, would never speak so, he is sure.

Even if he sees photos of parties, on the groups, their heads stuck together, whether from the point of view of a Diseased incomprehensible, – is said in the report. The policy is the one that stresses the Ex-Patient. “But we have it with our behavior, even in the Hand, to prevent the uncontrolled spread of the Virus.”

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“The Virus is no fun, it is not a lie”

The 69-Year-old is not the Only one with “20minutes.ch“ clear words for the Corona-Bagatellisierer and also people, the suspect behind the state-ordered restrictions of public and private life is a conspiracy. “The Virus is no fun, it’s not a lie, but really exists”, – quotes the Portal is a 25-Year-old. You was before your infection healthy and fit as a fiddle.

you understand that some said, Covid-19 don’t be no worse than a flu, because the disease will take in all of the a severe course. “But the people who say it have experienced the Virus only with weak symptoms. That’s why you don’t believe people like me, who hit it hard.“ The conspirators judged, she continues: “The Virus is no fun, it’s not a lie, but really exists. There are people that die there, the suffering, the lose your Job.“

Lapidarer dealing with Virus is disrespectful and inappropriate

Similar to other Corona-patients who come to the post to word, to evaluate the Situation. “The denial of the Corona-pandemic finds borders on spiritual dementia”, a 76-Year-old. There were no words that were strong enough to denounce the Comments of some Frustrated. “When I hear the nonsense that is spread in (to) many Blogs and social media, I wonder if you have to experience the disease themselves.” The terrible images from Bergamo, as the bodies were transported in large numbers, had been burned into his memory. “Who says that it is all a half have been so bad, made a mockery of the dead,” says the 76-Year-old.

But not only the dead, and your members against the ignorance and the lapidary in dealing with the Virus seems out of place. “Anyone who belittles the Corona, is disrespectful to the Doctors and nursing staff that at the end of the work,” says another Corona Affected. “The people who deny Corona, have not experienced it. If one is in the hospital, there are only two options: Either it will get better, or you die slowly. Bad thing is that there are no drugs that have reliable effects.“

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