He sweats not, he loves not, and he doesn’t drink.

these are some of the explanations given, prince Andrew uses as a defense of the controversial sexsag, that shakes the united kingdom these days.

Queen Elizabeth’s second youngest son, accused of having forced the then-17-year-old Virginia Giuffre for sex when she was allegedly held as a sexslave of the prince’s friend Jeffrey Epstein, as the page took his own life in prison cell into scholar’s, while he waited for his case came to court.

Prince Andrew has on british television, flatly rejected that he should have had sex with the then underage girl, who insists that he exploited her sexually. But hovedanklagen is not the only thing the two parties disagree on:

1. the Group sex with minors

During a trial in 2015, said Virginia Giuffre:

“Third time I had sex with Andy was in an orgy on Epsteins private island in the virgin Islands. I was about 18 at the time. Epstein, Andy, and approximately eight other young girls and I had sex. The other girls seemed to be under the age of 18 and did not speak proper English. Epstein laughed at, that they not really be able to communicate and said that it was the ‘easiest’ girls.”

Prince Andrew refuses, and, according to The Times, there are no official records of where he was those days. The media believe, however, to know that he was on vacation in the Bahamas with his wife and daughter – just a short flight from Jeffrey Epsteins island.

2. the Bought a minor a drink

Virginia Giuffre tells that the prince bought her a drink at the nightclub Tramps in London, they visited, before she was forced to have sex for the first time.

“He’s got a clear liquid – I know, mine was vodka,” she says, according to the news.com.au.

But prince Andrew denies having bought the then-17-year-old girl a drink.

“I don’t know where the bar is on the Tramps. I don’t drink. I don’t think I ever bought a drink at Tramps, when I have been there,” says the prince, who by his own admission, has been afholdsmand for years, in this BBC interview.


the Image is manipulated

An old picture of the then-41-year-old prince with the hand of the 17-year-old girl’s bare waist is sprung up to the surface in the wake of the case, and according to the Virginia Giuffre is the picture taken on the top floor of the Jeffrey Epsteins former girlfriend, Ghislaine Maxwell, house in London.

Prince Andrew saying that he’s never been up on the floor. In addition, he can not imagine, it is taken after the visit to the nightclub, as Virginia Giuffre claims.

“I do not believe that it is a picture of me taken in London, for when I go out… I have a suit and tie on. Where is my rejsetøj,” he says.

Prince Andrews lawyers has previously said that the image must be photoshoppet, because his fingers is ‘much thicker’ in fact, writes The Sun. And prince Andrew believe that it would look like him badly to put his arm around another human being and keep her on the hip.

“I’m not the one there cuddling, and I do not show affection publicly.”

4. the Sweat not

Virginia Giuffre tells you about her evening with prince Andrew, that he is ‘sweating much’.

“The guy was sweating out of me. His sweat was, as it rained like this all over. It was pretty obnoxious, but I knew that I was going to have to make him happy, for it would Jeffrey and Ghislaine have expected of me,” said Virginia Giuffre to the BBC.

But according to prince Andrew he has a ‘peculiar medical condition’, which means that he does not sweat or could have sweated at the time.

“For I had had it, I would describe as an overdose of adrenaline in the falklands war, when I was fired. It was almost impossible for me to sweat,” he said.

5. the Sex in New York

According to the Virginia Giuffre had she and the prince Andrew sex three times – in London, in New York city and on Jeffrey Epsteins private island, Little Saint James and was flown to the destinations in the finansmandens private jets.

Prince Andrew tells, however, that he was nothing of the sort, along with Jeffrey Epstein under the question the New York trip. He stayed with the british consul general, Sir Thomas Harris, he says.

“I lived there (in Epstein, ed.). I may have visited him, but no, I did not… definitely, definitely not, no no, no activity,” says the prince in this interview.

the 74-year-old Sir Thomas Harris, in turn, can not remember, that he should have had prince Andrew continued to live, he says to the Daily Mail.