Maybe it was a sign. Last January 7, in the endowment session, the judge and member of United we Can Victory Rosell wore two butterfly purple against gender-based violence. Are the knitting Itziar Prats, the mother who lost her two daughters, killed by her ex-husband and the father of the girls after she alleging that they were in danger. Makes and gives away to raise awareness about male violence. Two came to Rosell. She herself had on her Twitter account: “While the right wing denies the male violence in the Congress, many bring the dignity of the collective, feminism and the truth. Proud to wear today the butterflies that weaves Itziar Prats for his daughters, Nerea and Martina”. Rosell will be the next delegate of the Government for Gender-based Violence.

The new position of this policy and judge feminist, born in Murcia in 1968, is directly dependent on the Ministry of Equality that is going to lead to Irene Montero. The curriculum of the Congress web site collects your wide experience of court and that is the mother of two daughters. He started as a judge in 1997 and is a judge since 2000. Graduated in Law from the University of Valladolid.

Has developed most of his judicial career in the Canary islands. As a judge of instruction was the head of the Center of Internment of Foreigners of the autonomous community. We are very much interested in the aspects related to the trafficking of human beings.

she Is a member of Judges for Democracy and the Association of Women Judges of Spain. “The appointment of Vicky’s going to be a benefit not only for women but for society as a whole”, assesses the phone to her friend and founder of the Association of Women Judges, of Spain, Lucia Aviles. “It is a judge with a track record of unblemished, a fighter tireless for the rights of women,” adds Aviles, that highlights your qualifications for the new position: “it’s Going to be a step forward in the feminism of State”.

As a member of Congress, has held the posts of second secretary of the Bureau of the Committee on Constitutional affairs, spokesperson of the commission of Justice and coportavoz of the joint commission of the Ombudsman. But a maneuver that ended with a court conviction, he was forced to depart during a time of political career in 2016.

The magistrate canario Salvador Alba was sentenced by the Superior Court of Justice of the Canary islands at six and a half years in prison for corruption, bribery and falsehood documentary after orchestrating an attack against Rosell and favor the former minister of the PP, José Manuel Soria. Alba, magistrate, Hearing of Las Palmas, requested documents illegally to an entrepreneur with those who question the impartiality of Rosell.

The action of the magistrate managed to open up a complaint that Soria had brought against Rosell, which forced her to leave the Permanent committee of the Congress in the XI Legislature and resign to be presented in the following elections. “Vicky was very wrong with all this,” says a companion of Judges for Democracy.

pending Tasks

Rosell assumes the position of an area that has its very diminished. Half the seats assigned to the Delegation of the Government for Gender-based Violence (20, 40) are without cover. In his new occupation, will have among its responsibilities to promote the application of the State Pact against Gender Violence, approved in 2017, and whose actions have barely implanted. Among them, improve and expand training of judges. This delegation is responsible for the verification and count of the murders sexist couples and ex-partners, which have of course already the death of 1.033 women, and 35 minors since the official statistics started in 2003 and 2013 for the case of the sons and daughters, respectively.

you must Also move forward in the application of the so-called Istanbul convention, a european agreement signed by Spain, in 2014, that implies, among other changes, to move forward in that statistic. The goal, for which progress was made in the last legislature but was not fully realize, is to establish a new statistics of male violence in parallel to the existing including victims who had no relationship of partner, or former spouse with their killers, as Laura Luelmo or Diana Quer.