The risk, in Hamburg with the novel Coronavirus to infect, according to the Hamburg-based microbiologists and hospital hygienist, Johannes Knobloch is currently as big as the chances of winning at Bingo, or the lottery.

“The probability that a Person I meet, is contagious, is statistically in the area of lotteries with four correct Numbers and the bonus number”, said the head of hospital hygiene at the University hospital Eppendorf.

Knobloch estimates that: one in 10,000. Hamburger positive

With this comparison, Knobloch explained have not, as to why the relaxations of contact constraints, and even an Anti-racism Demonstration with approximately 14,000 participants at the beginning of June, a higher number of Infected.

Knobloch estimates that about one in 10,000. Hamburger is positive. The Sars-CoV-2-Virus was up to 14 days after infection, detectable, but only four to five days transferable. So only about one in every 20 000 could. Hamburger be contagious. A participant in a Demonstration with 14 000 people have still a high probability of not Contracting the disease.

If, however, a so-called super take the spreader part, could start a new wave of infections. “It is more sensible to allow large events to take place,” said Knobloch, whose specialty is the prevention of all infectious diseases.

number of Infected: Mostly random hits

Since the middle of may, the Hamburg health authority reports, in General, a single-digit number of new infections per day. Mostly it is going to be hit-or-miss, said the microbiologist. On the following day, the number could tend towards ten, because the people would be tested in the environment of the Infected.

under 60 are Affected probably mainly-Year-olds who are in employment and not seriously ill. Also, the 1500 Tested positive from a total of 7000 employees in the meat group Tönnies in the district of Gütersloh are so easily falls ill, that you had continued to work.

The number of the Corona of the patients in the Hamburg hospitals – currently slightly more than 20 drops only very slowly. Some of these people had several diseases.

the Virus May not be for you undetectable, but it could deteriorate the lung function or the need for care have increased, said Knobloch. A breakthrough in therapies, it is not yet give.

Other large-scale events, such as in the case of Tönnies’s not

to exclude the summer travel season will have an impact, one cannot say in a scientifically serious manner. In the conventional corona virus, the seasonality is clearly in Winter, when the people stayed mostly indoors.

“I suspect that we will be in the overall assessment of the Federal Republic of Germany and in Hamburg at a very low level, but not to the level of zero to fall down,” said Knobloch. “Then we are in the area of chance.”

For example, a nurse could carry the Virus to a nursing home. “It could be in Germany for more large-scale events, such as in the case of Tönnies or smaller regional outbreaks,” says Knobloch. The end of the Corona-discipline? Hamburger host: “people no longer listen to us,” PCP the end of the Corona-discipline? Hamburger host: “people listen more to us,” the beginning of The summer holiday, shows how travel has changed PCP is the beginning of The summer holiday, shows how travel has changed