It has in a long number of years been a frequent and the red-hot topic of debate. Should the Queen abdicate?

Last year showed a measurement that every third Danish so queen Margrethe leaving the throne to kronprinseparret.

In the year, according to a new study for the B. T. that the position has become more widespread. Four out of ten danes believe that the Queen should abdicate.

if you Ask mp Søren Espersen (DF), then it is a silly story. For the totally unrealistic, he believes.

‘It is NEVER going to happen. As in NEVER! In Denmark abdicerer monarchs not. The they just DO not. And the Queen knows the History like no other. So forget the silly story. Live the Queen!’ he writes on Facebook.

The same think the designer Jim Lyngvild, who most recently has hailed the queen with a giant flamingo-bust.

He considers not that it is relevant to talk about whether the Queen should abdicate or not.

‘Daisy sits she falls of – BASTA!’, he writes in a comment to Søren His lookup.

And there is very probably some truth, if you look more closely at the subject. In Denmark, we have not the tradition that the monarch abdicerer. In other words: ‘Our monarchs are not carried out’.

Since 1972, queen Margrethe ii sat on the throne after she took it over from his father, Frederik IX.

And she has no plans to pass it on.

she has previously expressed for the bl.a. in an interview with the Swedish newspaper Expressen.

Here, she was asked whether anything could change her attitude about being on the throne throughout his life.

“Not that I can imagine, no, but maybe if I was utterly hopelessly ill. My position is to sit the whole life. The mission is for life,” she replied.

the Reason that more and more people see the Queen abdicate, according to kongehusekspert Søren Jakobsen is due to several things.

“You look both in business and in politics, that topfigurerne will be switched out periodically. The time is during from the council offices. The shift in the investigation shows enough, that a large part of the danes believe that the Queen has done its duty, and with very good the right to withdraw and hand over the reins to crown prince, who has shown that they can do it,” he explains.