face masks have become in these times, is a permanent companion, you ensure that you can move in spite of the in Germany, again mostly free.

However, if there are reasonable grounds for the mouth-nose protection, is wearing you, probably none of them really like.

especially when the temperatures climb, it can be under the mask uncomfortable.

the difficult is to Breathe under the Mouth guard is not only exhausting, but can also lead to unsightly skin reactions.

Harmful micro-climate under the mask

more and more people complain that the Mask skin imperfections in the nose and mouth area.

especially people with sensitive skin, suffering from eczema and contact allergies, reports the German Allergy and asthma Federation’, according to skin reactions due to the protective masks.

And in fact, this is not by chance.

Because heat can escape through the welding dyes, and other substances from the materials to skin irritation, redness, and itching result.

However, even without high temperatures, it is humid quickly warm under the mask, causing a harmful micro-climate for the skin.

According to the observed skin blemishes, no heat pimples but are caused by germs, which can multiply under the protection of a mask is particularly good.

If the mask or rubber bands should then scrub is also minimal, skin irriationen the logical, if unpleasant consequence – especially in the heat.

tips to prevent sweating under the mask

Fortunately, there are some tips on how you can keep the sweating in spite of mouth guard duty and summer temperatures under control.

So it makes sensitive skin sense, for example, the above-described masks with abrasive rubber bands against a mouth-nose protection, which is fastened with the fabric tape on the head to be replaced.

In addition, there are other skin doctor’s recommendations:

1. Pauses in breathing for the skin

In the best case, and should not be worn protective masks longer than 1.5 hours at a time, but not more than a day.

in Between, you should allow the skin time to breathe.

2. To breath friendly masks

scientists at the Max-Planck-Institute for chemistry in Mainz, Germany, continued to have not only tested, which substances prevent potentially infectious Tröpfche best, but also examines, through which materials it can easily breathe.

The combination of Jersey/beaver fuel cut off at the best, you can let more air through than two-ply, dense cotton fabric.

3. On Make-up

Generally abandon Make-up has a tendency to clog the pores. In connection with welding and an increase in the number of germs below the mask can lead to impure skin.

The best way is, just in case of hot days, so the Make-up or tinted day cream.

4. Creams

The Application of a cream under the area of the mask makes the face skin more resilient.

“is Currently a soothing non-greasy cream with low-moisture content for many skin types is advisable,” says dermatologist Dr. tree from Kassel.

The soothing effect for the skin is undeniable. However, you should observe how well the skin with the combination of sweat and liquefying cream comes along.

5. Tea bag against the pimple

For the case that initial skin irritation are recognizable, Dr. tree another tip: envelopes made from black tea.

“If you want to pamper irritated skin, you only need one tea bag with black tea. Moisten the tea bag and place it for 10 minutes on the affected area skin. The skin is calmed down noticeably.“

6. Regularly wash

in Spite of all the preventive measures, the sweating Problem unfortunately cannot be completely avoided.

“You sweat under the nose-mouth protection, even at mild temperatures,” disillusioned Dr. Georg-Christian Zinn, Director of the hygiene centre Bioscientia to ‘RTL’.

The more important it is to pay attention to the hygiene measures, the Wearing of mouth protection and wash these regularly to at least 60° degrees.

Also helps to reduce the bacterial density, with which the skin comes in contact with and prevent Overreactions.


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