Who fights constantly with his Extra Kilos, looks envious of people who stay slim no matter what and how much you eat, and still not even moving much. An international team of researchers under the leadership of Josef Penninger, Director of the Vienna Institute of Molecular biotechnology (IMBA), wanted to learn more about what is behind the Thin-and have made a Gene which is largely responsible for this.

For the in the journal “Cell” published the study “Identification of ALK in Thinness” have analyzed the scientists first Genome from the Estonian gene Bank. In the Estonian Biobank with 47.000 Genomes, they were looking for in a cohort of 20 – to 44-Year-old targeted by healthy people with very low body mass Index.

The scientists discovered several with a ratio of associated genes. However, the Gene seemed to affect the “Thinness”, so the natural thin-be of a people at the most, is called ALK. It provides the Blueprint for the anaplastic lymphoma kinase. And this Protein works on the energy sales, but also on metabolic properties, such as waist circumference, blood sugar and cholesterol levels. More on the topic of

research with Genetic data, fruit flies and mice

To Check your genome analysis went, the researchers then into the lab and removed the ALK Gene from the genome of fruit and mice: Lower blood fat levels and a thinner appearance in spite of high fat foods, the differences, the changes in the animals of their own species. Michael Orthofer, a senior author of the study says: “The mice without the ALK Gene had the same food in a faster energy turnover, they burned more calories in the fat tissue as the unchanged animals.”

Additional mouse experiments showed that the slimming effect is enshrined in the Hypothalamus – a part of the brain that is involved in the hormone regulation. Mice in which the ALK Protein was suppressed, had fabric with an equally high fat burning such as the ALK-Knockout mice, apparently stimulated by increased concentrations of the stress hormone norepinephrine in the fat. These findings were consistent with those from tissue samples of thin people, the analyzed, the researchers in addition. Cell journal summarized The study in a graphic

the function of The ALK gene in energy metabolism is a new scientific discovery, the Gene itself, however, is not an unknown. In cancer medicine, it is regarded as an important Treibergen in the development of lung cancer or brain tumors. Here it comes to an Overproduction of ALK-proteins that stimulate the cell wachsatum. Oncologists can then use ALK inhibitors, those drugs already.

ALK-inhibitors as drugs against obesity?

Now the results of the research of Penninger and colleagues raise the question of whether such drugs were for the treatment of Obesity use. Study leader Penninger sees a realistic Chance in the future: “Our results indicate the therapeutic potential. It is possible to inhibit ALK with medication and we will try that in the future, actually.“

expert verdict: interesting study, but there is currently no therapy

And so, experts from Germany and Austria to assess the study and the derived idea of ALK inhibitors against obesity:

Stephan Herzig, Scientific Director of the Helmholtz Diabetes Center and the Institute for Diabetes and cancer at Helmholtz Zentrum München, the study looks in its approach – a Lean-Gen instead of looking for another Dick-Gens – and the clean implementation.

with regard to the conclusion that this will be a therapy against Obesity derive, he says, but: “scepticism is appropriate on the question of whether the ALK-Gene, in fact, a Game Changer may be in the (clinical) obesity research.” Problematic the (lack of) Transferability of results from animal could be studies on people. All the important messages to the Coronavirus in the FOCUS Online Newsletter. Subscribe now.

side effects of ALK-exclude inhibitors

Susanne Klaus from the German Institute for nutritional research (DIfE) in Potsdam-Rehbrücke, the sheer amount of data that is fully and convincingly. To your knowledge, no “slimming genes had previously been demonstrated” with biological function.

The head of the Department of physiology of energy metabolism, but it also says: “It is not apparent whether the increased activity is restricted to the adipose tissue or, more generally, is increased, which could also have an increase in heart rate and blood pressure result. This would, of course, unwanted side effects in case of a possible application of ALK inhibitors in the treatment of obesity.“

study suggests new Chapter against obesity on

Also, Bernhard Paulweber, head of the Department of metabolic diseases and medical molecular biology at the University clinic Salzburg, considers the publication to be Thin first of all for very interesting and says to the result of the Study: “The elucidation of these mechanisms could be a new Chapter in the search for effective strategies to combat Obesity and associated disorders, particularly type-2 Diabetes, charged.”

However, he also sees a high demand for further studies until then. The case of non-small cell lung cancer used ALK inhibitors have numerous side effects, such as adverse effects on heart, liver and kidney function.

will depend on The “Thin” for most people, so even for a while of diet and exercise. And the effect of the Slim-remains the gene is reserved for those who have this variant. According to the statements of the study Director Josef Penninger this is true, by the way, only one percent of the population. High blood pressure increases heart attack risk: you can lower it without medication FOCUS Online/Wochit high blood pressure heart attack increased risk: you can lower it without medication

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