When princess Margrethe was born in april 1940, it was not written in the cards that one day she would be queen.

But that changed in 1953, when the tronfølgeloven was changed. And it made her father proud, tells the Queen in a new book.

As the tronfølgeloven was changed a junidag in 1953, did so with one king Frederik Ix’s eldest daughter to the heir to the Danish throne.

Thus overtook the then only 13-year-old princess the king’s younger brother, the heir presumptive prince Knud and his elder son, prince Ingolf, who otherwise stood at the front of succession, since there were male royal succession.

the Change of the succession of the king aroused the particular joy of Frederik IX, remembers the Queen:

“My father was very pleased that his big girl would follow after him. It was not to be mistaken. He was a little proud of me. From then on I was the next in line,” says queen Margrethe in the new book ‘Queen Margrethe’.

the Book is written by Karin Palshøj on the occasion of the Queen’s 80th birthday in april.

Although tronfølgeloven was changed, when princess Margaret was 13 years old, this was the first time when she was 18 years old, that she had sources wife.

In the book queen Margrethe also, to Frederik IX was very happy that she and prince Henrik named their first son after him.

“Father had been crown prince for many years, so the very concept of the ‘prince’ was something he felt for, it was an identity,” says the queen in the book.

Karin Palshøj interviewed the Queen in connection with the book. She Celtabet think that it was something special to see some of the barndomsbillederne of the Queen with her father:

“It’s very touching to see the queen along with her father – king Frederick IV. She was an only child for the first four years of his life, and it does, of course, that the small child has had the full focus of both parents. The relationship held for life. And they were very closely related,” she says.

Although the future was shaped for the princess Margaret with the change of the Tronfølgeloven, then there was also, however, other interests pulled in the heir to the throne.

Queen Margrethe ii of denmark, who has always had a very creative and artistic side, has also since his very young years, had a burning passion for archaeology.

And had she not had to be the Queen and the heir apparent, then she was probably have been an archaeologist.

the Interest already started when she as 12årige was invited to some excavations at Skanderborg of his grandmother, queen Alexandrine.

In the course of his youth reached the queen Margrethe to be in on the excavations several times.

Among other things, took her mother’s father – the then king of sweden – her several times to the etruscan excavations in Italy, where among other things, they stayed at the guest house and ate together with the other participants.

In the new book tells of queen Margrethe, that she still cares a lot for archaeology and read a lot of periodicals on the subject.

And it is to discover all the ties that connect ’the past with the present and the one part of the world with the other’, as she finds the ’game fascinating’.